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  • @GunnerKae where is your guide?
  • GunnerKaeGunnerKae (YouTube.com/tolate24) Kaelyni ✭✭
    @xXshiroeXx I stream Tera on YouTube, and I've got a stream style guide where I talk about partners live and I've got a Google docs text based guide written as well. I'll be posting the docs link to the written one later today in the description of my video guide, and in the description of tonight's stream, as soon as I add this information. So if you wanna see the written one itll be linked there in...about 6 hours.
    My YouTube is on my profile here in the "location."
  • xXshiroeXxxXshiroeXx ✭✭
    edited May 2019
    @GunnerKae oh I saw your video yesterday xD ... and since it was a few weeks old, I went to your channel to see if you had made other videos about the partners ... I don't speak English very well, but I appreciated, so I wait also the rest of the guide =)
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