I REALLY love this game. I do, i try to get my position of what should be added to the game to help the game and try to vacuum in more people

Is there any word on any upcoming content? Like actual content.

Because we cant even make newq etchings atm due to how this new patch was implemented.

When are we getting the REST of the first crafting adjustment? We have new recipes we cant use and old ones we also cant use because we cant make pure titans fires.

When are talents/ EP coming? Numerous classes like Ninja/ Slayer and Reaper suffer under the current dungeon design.

Its going to get much worse if Antaroths Abyss releases.

What about awakening?

What about anything like optimizing the freezing issue in R9K HM where if 1 person dies it freezes EVERYONES GAME.

Just tell me some good news? I get im not asking about loot boxes but throw me a bone here...any plans?

A road map?

List of fixes like the crafting bug that freezes your character and lowers your frame rate?



  • HexxuHexxu ✭✭
    Its overdue thats for sure. Should have been released 2 weeks ago.
  • I just want fishing and cooking first haha.
  • ExipheusExipheus Kazura (XB1 NA Lakan ) mod
    I'm thinking we'll see a roadmap once the merge is completed and settled. I believe that's where staff efforts have been focused.
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