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LF a Guild

Hi. I am new to TERA. i am looking for a guild. im looking for one in terms of PVE, Dungeon raiding, and enjoyable fun. and even meet new people and make friends. i am a level 42 high elf(female) i have only been playing for a week and i am still learning how everything works in this game.Hope you'll have me. thank you for your time. msg my psn JAN_HANAGAMI88


  • I forgot to mention im on PS4 Darkan Server
  • Hey there! Are you still looking to join a guild? If so, check out my guild, Nightwing. We are PS4. I hope to see you around! Good luck on the field!
  • Yes im still looking for a guild. I did join a guild yesterday but I haven’t seen any of their members online so i think its a dead guild. Ok how do i find you? I am still new to the game. Only been playing a week. I would like to learn more about the game and how things work there. Are you on Darkan server? Cuz that’s were i am.
  • NaeniaNaenia
    edited May 2019
    Sorry for the late reply. You can send me a friend request on PSN at xxcherryt21xx or you can search for the guild Nightwing in Tera. We are on the NA PS4 server. We have members on everyday and are very active with our guild quests!
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