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new plesae help with classes

hey guys.. im joining the game and i really need help and some information about classes.
as in which classes are good and you would advice me to make .

im more interested on Tank or DPS but not healer. some pro / cons would be nice.. really looking into Warrior/Lancer or Reaper. so would love pro/cons for these if you got more suggestion id love to hear. thanks for help


  • MiliceMilice ✭✭
    Reapers are VERY strong now when you get your Apex skills ( that will be a while into the end game ) but they are very reliant on proper and fast skill chainng, otherwise they will feel slower than a 130 year old turtle so i wouldn't recommend it to a beginner.

    Lancer have good aggro, nice shielding abilities that can block even push backs and non-blockable attacks, again, once you get your Apex skills. They are great for good parties since they have buffs but because of their low DPS they can feel a little "meh" if your party's dps isn't very good.

    Warrior are strong dpses that can be a little hard to master if you're new but they are also capable of tanking if you so wish. If you are unsure whether you want to tank or dps i could strongly recommend trying warriors out since you can do both.
  • thank you so much ! thats very helpful! i guess ill pass on Lancer then. do you have another class you would suggest?
    but i hear reaper start at lvl 50 so i guess ill make a warrior and then maybe try reaper. so warrior are hard to master and reapers are even more so? xD
  • GunnerKaeGunnerKae (YouTube.com/tolate24) Kaelyni ✭✭
    Warriors are hard to master, but once you get it they're very strong, and as was said they can play a tank role to.

    Reaper I wouldn't so much say its difficult, it's just very fast, once you figure out the correct skill rotation it's just muscle memory. It's a very fun class to play, it has great dps and mobility. One of my personal favorite classes after apex.

    I like my lancer a lot also but there is a lot of pressure on you to perform. If the tank is bad the dungeon can fall apart fast. It's very fun to throw up the shield and just eat big attacks, but yes if your groups dps is low it can become tedious.

    I main a gunner, they're a ton of fun to. Fairly easy to learn, high damage, the apex skills are amazing, very tanky for a dps. It's fun to see chunks of 60 million health come off in 1 shot.
  • thank you so much ! yes i hear gunner are strong.. but they look abit slow to me in action time.. i seem to really love how Warrior and reaper game play looks like.. but im still having hard time chosing between reaper and warrior. warrior seems to have some advantage for being able to tank and also deal good damage. also i would assume warrior got better survive and better for solo?
    also probably nerfing DPS warrior and tank warrior at the same time in future is unlikely? xD
  • I personally love the Brawler tank.

    It is like DPS but you tank. It has some cool attacks and is pretty fast.

    You also block damage by timing it when the enemy swings and if it was a perfect block you can counter, almost like parrying if you play Dark Souls.
  • ActivaActiva ✭✭
    classes like warrior and reaper need good ping, same as archer (this one has it options ofc) tanks are highly requested classes so u can gear up faster, lancer has party buffs and shield while brawler can do more dmg.
  • Brawler is an easy tank for learning in my opinion, lancer is more fun, but it is a little hard to get used to.
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