DPS Discrepancy in Endgame Dungeons



  • TeiroTeiro ✭✭
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    --Okay, the 5-10 / 10-30 minute dungeons or whatever is fine. If you are a new player.

    --You shouldn't complain about something you don't know much about (Max geared players, or proxy users)
    -Max geared players have probably a +2k,4k,6k, whatever hours more than you in experience (these players have practice their skills and rotations a lot more than "you")
    -Yes a ton of people use proxy(some people already stated why it's fine using modules like skill prediction/fps utils), but only a few use scripts which are seen as cheating (this shouldn't be allowed)

    --If you're wanting to learn how to get better at Tera, just look up a guide
    -Example: 'Tera Archer Guide' on google, you may find something. If you ask around on discord then you can find every single class discord/guide, Which these are extremely helpful to new players.
    -Dungeon Guides, you can watch video's or find them tera essential mana or a similar site (may find some discord with these guides as well)

    -Becoming a Great player just takes time... Don't call people "hackers"/"cheater" if you don't know everything about the game.

    Happy to answer any questions, just don't spurt random nonsense(hopefully I didn't)
  • MiliceMilice ✭✭
    I play with 120-140 ping and i can EASILY clear dungeons in 10 minutes without using any third-party software, if you take 20 minutes to kill a boss that isn't Bahaar, then please ask your guild for training runs, read a guide and stay out of IMS until you've done some reading on how stuff works.
  • MargaretRoseMargaretRose ✭✭✭✭✭
    For amusement.
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    There are a lot of factors that come into your dps, not just whether or not you're heroic oath. EP for instance would probably double most players damage, looking back I can definitely see a difference in my own. Also Gossamer Vault is a different story entirely, the bosses just seem to have too much health.
  • Let's see how to put this, I played tera when it was p2p, I left the game and came back when it went free to play, I played when the cap went from 60 to 65, then left shortly after clearing schm when it released. I came back again right before rk9hm came in and left 2 weeks after it released and idk if I will come back. The only way is if they release something worthwhile.

    If you want some help I will come and teach you and a few of your friends how to min/max and be more effective players. Rotations, stat lines, Crystal's, positioning, and your mindset really do make a major difference.

    Dont really know how you will get a hold of me though, I have a healer and top tier seeker that can help out if I can convince them
  • You are bad at pve if a dungeon take +20min. You need go play SH or CS and be happy or enter in a guild with nebwies players and do 300k/s with HO gear.

  • fromsector7fromsector7 ✭✭✭
    yesterday . dungeon SC . 2 reapers = 600k/s ,warrior 900k/s each one (full frost ) . brawler drop party., i how priest .. last boss 20 min or more . i can drop too for the low dps but anyway fight with last boss without tank
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