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Eme There is stuff that needs to be addressed



  • LapomkoLapomko ✭✭✭
    66ECX7NAN7 wrote: »
    They could just spawn titan's earth/storm on a GM account and put it in trade broker for 200g each, problem solved and some excess gold taken out of the economy lol

    Would most likely be fully purchased by a few players who would resale for profit.

    Not just by players.. Kinda by players... but the catch is Broker bots!
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    edited June 2019
    voidy wrote: »
    kubitoid wrote: »
    new product manager Tielwing last visited 7 may :mrgreen:

    With Vanilla WoW around the corner, a Final Fantasy XIV expansion with bunnygirls looming, and Black Desert rolling out its own little girl class and going temporarily free to play at the same time, I'm positive EME will roll up their sleeves, give their flagship title some tender loving care, and really knock it out of the park this summer. Why, just the other day they released a post showing us a day in the life. Look at how hard everyone is working on Tera. I, for one, bought two new pets and slammed them together in appreciation. I'm positive our feedback is heard, and I'm sure the team is really putting their noses to the grindstone coming out with new meme videos and netflix partnerships to save their flagship title.

    A few more things:
    - Dauntless (aka Monster Hunter Lite) just exited beta the last month
    - several mini-events in Warframe
    - related to the above, after months of anticipation, the rest of the melee rework is on the horizon (loud forced coughing)
    - "Legion" league in Path of Exile recently released
    - I literally just checked the Vindictus website and they just tweaked how their dressing room works (extremely loud and super-obnoxious forced coughing)

    So I'm sure EME has some very tasty items and events coming up in the coming weeks (shifty eyes).
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