Crashing when trying to load a dungeon.


As the title says, i've been dealing with quite the odd error the last few days, whenever I put myself into a dungeon que, and get a prompt to teleport in once it finds enough people, my game always crashes to desktop, with a file missing or corrupted error, but you see this only happens once i que for the level 65 dungeons, i can do the dungeons below level 64 totally fine, without any sort of crash.

I'm at a loss on what to do, going to the launcher and tools to repair the game doesn't seem to do any sort of repair, the bar goes up to 100% in a matter of seconds, and then nothing happens.

I've tried deleting some files on TERA folder as it was indicated to do to force a repair, but that doesn't fix the issue either.
Any input will be apreciated!
Would just love to be able to do some dungeons at max level! lol.
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