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My item level is too low, do I grind or continue with the main quests?

I've reached level 65, Velik's sanctuary and the K9 dungeon requires lvl 442 or so item level. Mine is too low even after upgrading it to Frostmental. The question is, do i continue the main quest "Velik's banquet" and see if doing the quests will naturally lvl up my item, or do i grind my way up to Stormcry? Because I dont want to ruin the story by not doing them in order. But at the same time, I don't want to grind for hours just to then realize I didnt have to because the quest provides me with everything.

If I have to grind, just so that i dont ruin the story, then yes I will do so. But if the main quest gives me the items required to lvl up my gear, and it doesnt really ruin the story, then i dont want to waste my time grinding for no reason.


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    Background: Previously i thought i had to grind my way up to Frostmetal, but realized that the main quest gave u items need to level up. It even gave me the items needed to upgrade to Frostmetal. So idk if the same is true for Stormcry.
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    I think you might be getting ahead of yourself.

    So with Frost +0, iirc, You should be able to do all 439's via Instance Matching. Red Refuge and Sky Cruiser are the easiest imo. TR is also fun to run.
    Those should give you mats to upgrade Frost to 442. (maybe each piece at +4 or +5?)

    At which point you can RK or Velik's.

    If you cant find a group easily in IM, you can do the Vanguards IoD Nagas quest. Those drop Liquid Metal and Hypnotic mats for upgrading Frost.
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    finish Velik's banquet to get all the scrolls to upgrade to frostmetal +0 and after getting the Apex skills do Distortions you get 4 scrolls to upgrade your weapon to +4. from there follow the dungeons story red quest , don't rush for the story for lvl 70.

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