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I've been away a while, and I see pets has changed, i get that you have to combine and raise them to become partners... but where do you get more pets? what is a partner pet? anyone got a guide?


  • ZoknahalZoknahal ✭✭✭✭✭
    You can check this article in Essential Mana for more info about pets

    As of right now, the only way to get pets in game, without paying anything, is to kill lvl 66+ BAMS, for a VERY SMALL chance at getting Legacy Essence. Dungeon bosses count too.

    You need to gather 10 of these items to get 1 pet License. Additionally, you can buy them from other players through the broker, but is very expensive, in Velika server, 20k and above for each pet.

    But if you do not mind swiping, the easiest way to get a lot of pets, is by buying the Companion Loot Box from the EME store. If you ask me, kind of a bad move to make it easier to get pets through the store, than through in game methods, that is, until EME realizes it (probably never) and ask BHS to increase the drop chance of the Legacy Essence.
  • GunnerKaeGunnerKae (YouTube.com/tolate24) Kaelyni ✭✭
    edited June 2019
    There are also a few pets you can get from achievements. If you look under Rewards, then Items on your achievement list it shows them there. I also wrote a pet/partner guide, and have a video theres a link on my profile here under my location.
  • gheneaghenea ✭✭
    it is 100k gold per pet in tb, 20k is the 30% chance lootbox.
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