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Trouble with a New Character Slot

I just purchased 2 new character slots while in the PvE server and accepted them in that server, but it will not let me create a new character in that server. However, it will let me create a new character in the PvP server (but I didn't do it). All my other characters are in the PvE server. I logged out and re-entered the game, and I still cannot create a new character in the PvE server. How can I get the game to create my newly purchased characters in the PvE server instead of the PvP server? I only have 3 characters in the PvE server, so it is not due to that server having the max number of characters (with the new purchases, I have only 5 character slots, and I read it was 8 max in one server). Please help me create the new characters in the server I was in when I purchased them (the PvE server). Thank you for any help.


  • I would advise you to send in a support ticket for your issue. Hope everything gets sorted out for you.

    As of tomorrow's patch, Players can now create up to 22 characters per server. Just an FYI.
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