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How Come I Cannot Slot Crystals?

I have some blue and red crystals that say they are for weapons or armor above 11.
I have armor and weapon that has 2 crystal slots each (2 of the crystal boxes in profile are unlocked for each when they are equipped). The weapon says Lv.29 and the armor Lv.21 and both say that a level 10 or higher can equip it (I am level 12).
When I right click on any crystal in Inventory, the message pops up that I cannot attach a crystal to that item.
If the items say they have 2 crystal slots each and are level 21 and 29 and I am level 12 and the crystal says level 11+, why can't I attach any?
And why does the items say that a level 10+ can equip it but then say they are levels 21 and 29?
And what does that yellow or blue triangle in the upper left of the item box in Inventory mean? Of the 4 types of crystals I have, 2 types have a yellow triangle and 2 types have none.
I tried googling for an answer and someone asked the same question in some TERA Forum and the reply said to equip or remove a crystal, to click on the yellow triangle. Huh?
Please help this confused Newbie.

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  • PoniloverPonilover ✭✭✭
    edited June 2019 Accepted Answer
    gear in tera has two types of lvl
    - item lvl of a gear piece that contributes to your character item lvl shown above your hp/mp bar
    - lvl of a character required to equip a gear piece

    the blue and red crystals you're talking about can be equipped in gear that requires the character's lvl of 11, so just get higher lvl gear

    and i have no idea about yellow or blue triangles in the upper left of the item box
    edit: it might be the rarity of an item - green, blue, yellow, but there are no yellow rarity crystals in tera afaik
  • EllexemEllexem ✭✭✭
    Accepted Answer
    Crystals care about the line: "For level 11 or above"
    The Lv..29/29 (or whatever it is for the item) is the item level (ilvl) of the item, which is not what crystals care about. Item level will quickly outstrip the character level (and indeed already does so for your item). It sees use as an approximation of the power of your gear and thus acts as the minimum gate on dungeons. The number used there is a composite derived from the ilvl of all of your equipped items.

    Have an image with wobbly lines drawn to illustrate.

    The text marked with red is what what crystals check.
    The part in green is about item level.

    So, if the item is for level 10 or above, then it's too low level for the crystal. Your own level doesn't matter beyond being a check on if you can wear the item at all. It plays no further part in if you can slot a crystal into an item. All that matters is for what minimum character level the item is set, since that has to be high enough to take the crystal.

    The item level numbers will not always be identical. Items that need to be enchanted will have the first number lower than the second. (ie Lv 93/113) This number will go up as you enchant the item. The enchantment effects that you have selected can further influence the item level.

    Since this seems to always come up like clockwork, you will soon encounter enigmatic items. To remove the enigma, so that you can equip the item, you need to right click the item. This will bring up the effect selection window. (Your profile window has to be closed to be able to right click the enigmatic item.) You will not require any Semi-Enigmatic Scrolls during the initial setting. The required scrolls counter will remain at 0. (They only are needed if you want to change the effects again after setting them, which isn't something you should really encounter as a use-case until you reach at least level 65.)

    To select the effects, click on the change button. This will open up the possible effect choices. Select one. Click Save. Repeat this for each line on the item.

    Certain slots share the same effect pool, so once you have select a line for one slot, you will not be able to select it again for another slot in the shared group.

    Once you have all of your slots selected and saved, you will need to commit the changes. This will set the lines and remove the enigma.

    Please keep in mind that items that have to be enchanted (as indicated by the effects lines having things like, "+3:", "+6", "+9") will only provide the bonus of those lines that are equal or lower than the degree to which you have enchanted the item. The higher rank lines will be grayed out. (So, for example, an item that is +5 will only provide you with the benefit of the +3 line, with the +6 and +9 lines grayed out.)

    Each level that you enchant the item will increase the attack or defense value of the item, so even partial enchants will provide some benefit.

    While leveling, keep in mind that the most important thing to enchant is your avatar weapon.

    Regarding the 'triangles', if they are in the upper left corner then they are a visual indicator of item rarity. Some items will have a green triangle (Uncommon), some a blue (Rare), some a yellow (Superior) one.

    The crystals with the green triangles will be better than the common ones that the game gave you. You should be able to see a small difference in the effect numbers if you look at the details of them. You should not encounter anything but fine crystals (the ones with the green triangle) from now on while leveling.
  • TJKatTJKat ✭✭✭
    Accepted Answer
    The first few weapons/armor with crystal slots you get while leveling can't actually accept any crystals. Yes, they have unlocked slots. Yes, they're high enough level for the crystals. They just don't work. After an upgrade or two everything should work fine.
  • EllexemEllexem ✭✭✭
    Accepted Answer
    TJKat wrote: »
    The first few weapons/armor with crystal slots you get while leveling can't actually accept any crystals. Yes, they have unlocked slots. Yes, they're high enough level for the crystals. They just don't work. After an upgrade or two everything should work fine.

    There are Rhombs sold in Lumbertown. Those are "For armor level 1 or above" and "For weapon level 1 or above".


    They will happily slot into those early items.


    They are likely just legacy items though that were forgotten to be removed, since nowhere else seems to carry them ever since they decided to sell fine crystals on the merchants instead of the common/white ones, but they exist and certainly work.

    The first item that is "For level 11 or above" (or a higher level) will take Cabochons. That is either the first or second green quality/rarity armor that the quests give you, if memory serves. (I usually seem to have the system mail me the cabochons when I get to the first deva kill quest, which hands you a level 13 or above item, IIRC, so it's kind of a moot point by then.)


  • RanseRanse ✭✭
    Thank all of you for your help. So, if the crystal says for armor/weapon 11+, it can only go on an item that says it can only be equipped by a level 11+ (says "For level 11 or above"). And the triangles are for rarity. Makes sense.
    Again, thanks so much for your help. No offense intended, but I hope I don't meet you as an adversary in PvP -- I am not fond of dying.
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