Elite sub mount doesn't stay on skill bar when you log

See title. It used to stay on my skill bar but now I have to move it back to its spot every time I log in or after using a Pegasus (which was only that once for the quest since Elite gives faster ways to travel, but still...)


  • I'm experiencing the same issue on all of my 3 characters. Put it on the bar, play, log out, login, elite mount gone from hotbar. Rinse, repeat...
  • Same issue here as well.
  • Same problem here since the last patch
  • So now not only does the elite mount not stay on the skill bar, but the dismount skill will not stay where I put it and defaults to the F1 position...
  • This issue and every time I mount it moves the dismount to F1 no matter how many times I change it.
  • I'm also having both listed issues. The mount doesn't stay on my bar, and the dismount key is going somewhere completely different from what I used to mount with. Even moving where the mount button is, the dismount stays in the same wrong place.
  • ...they haven't fixed it yet. I keep moving my mount in an attempt to follow the dismount button and every time I move it, the dismount button moves. I feel like it's the "who's on first" bit...but not as much fun.
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