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The Predatory Pet/Servant System: A ridiculous average of around $75,000USD paywall for Best In Slot



  • I assume you are looking at the power of the person you mentioned from GVHM. Since it is higher than the screenshot Erazus provided of his character you are arguing that "look there are other sources of getting power that make you strong because this guy has more" right?

    However you cannot compare 2 characters this way. Based on the base stats of the screenshot, you are most likely looking at a Valk with good gear. Valks dont really need much crit at all so they can build much more power than other classes. Another odd thing about the persons stats you posted is that they have 145.6 crit factor. Usually when you see this the person is currently being buffed by mystic auras. Who knows what other buffs this Valk could have to inflate their power just to help prove your point that "hey look this guy has more power".

    The big issue is that someone with a maxed out pet (40power with 100% up time) vs someone with a 1 fellowship pet (3power with 16% up time). Its basically like having 2 extra pieces of jewelry on. This is a huge difference and its stats that are for the most part locked behind a pay wall or a very high amount of gold to get a good pet. Even with the current double drop event going on in the last 60 runs of GVH ive done since the event started ive only gotten a little over 20 legacy essence which is equivalent to 1 companion.

    Yes of course there are many sources of power and ways to increase your characters strength but this system is a problem because of the difference between spending a whole lot of real life money for pets vs farming them in game by buying them or the legacy essences. Then on top of this being plagued heavily by RNG. People complained about dragons being pay2win but comparatively it was very cheap. When dragons first came out 2.0 dragons were around 400k and 1.5 would drop from bosses or were obtainable through scales.

    If I had to recommend a change to Bluehole it would be to change the way that the fellowship and power scale on the companions. Right now 1-44 fellowship will give you 22power, then all of a sudden the power per fellowship gain will start to increase heavily from 45-50 fellowship you are getting another 19 power over 6 fellowship. I think people would be happier if they reversed this curve so that by the time you are at 44 fellowship you already have around +38 power on your pet and the last 6 or so fellowship to 50 is a very minor 2 power difference.

    Personally if it was up to me I would not have this pet system in the game at all since its really the first time there was so much additional power locked behind purchasing and seems uncharacteristic of what Tera has always been (for example Tera gives enchantment correction when failing vs other mmos your gear will just explode). I think it is too late though, im sure people have already spent tons of money on trying to get a nice pet and if they remove the cap on grade so u can feed your companions more pets or remove the power from the pets entirely they will feel scammed.
  • My point is that the partner system might be broken but there are other systems as much as broken that players can use to make progress and even surpass anyone with a partner that could magically have +40 permanent power buff while still having the average partner with +20 power... Making the partner system to not be be the last and most important choice when trying to make progress...

    If this player had a partner with +40 power instead of +21 power, he would have 580 instead of 561 power. That's a 3% increase in damage.

    This is also a valkyrie, who (alongside warriors) can more-or-less ignore crit factor to stack power to the max. The damage boost would be more like 5% on a reaper. For people pushing DPS numbers at the top, a 3-5% increase in damage is significant. People go to war with the devs in MMOs for much less.

    Sure, there's a lot of ways to obtain power currently, but there's a reason that players go out of their way and spend huge amounts of gold and time to get stat items that give much less than +21 power. To lock one of them (valued at 3%-5% DPS at current end-game) behind RNG and real life money is the very essence of P2W; having other grindy or poorly designed boosts to power in-game doesn't change this in the slightest.
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    "We have to consider that yet again there are so many sources available"


    you still fail to see the point, sad.
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    My point is that the partner system might be broken but there are other systems as much as broken that players can use to make progress and even surpass anyone with a partner that could magically have +40 permanent power buff while still having the average partner with +20 power... Making the partner system to not be be the last and most important choice when trying to make progress...
    Referring to the image you posted (with a mystic + titanic wrath) and with the new jewelry (to which I now have), I have 58+546 power. That is 604 total power. That is BiS, maybe missing 4 power instead of 7 crit factor but it is literally the same.

    As you can see in this graph. At 600 total power, a 20 power pet gives a 3.34% damage increase from 0 power. A 40 power pet gives a 6.67% damage increase from 0 power. That is a 3.33% damage difference. 3.33% damage difference is a big deal especially when high skilled players top DPS difference varies between 1-2%. A 3.33% damage difference is enough for someone to literally have a better score than the other just because he swiped a fortune or got extremely lucky. It is a text book Pay2win system.

    It does not matter if there are a lot of source of power, it is all about proportion/% increase and that 3.33% is significant to make a difference. All the top tier DPS will tell you that it is [filtered]/broken/bad. ALL OF THEM.

    Why do you think top players want a valkyrie in their party? Because of their 2% endurance debuff, that's enough for them to have their top DPS run (parse). If 2% is significant, it is for sure that 3.33% is even more significant.
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    You keep bringing back the +22 power bonus from the partner system because it exists and it breaks the competition or fairness or whatever in this game when we were able to get so many broken stats in the last few months that it does not even matter at this point.. But if that happened then have you even seen anyone with this power bonus so far? Could you not compete because of it? Did it affect you in any sort of way?
    There a lot of people that do have ridiculous pet like this guy. No "high profile" DPS yet as far as I know (players that care about getting the most DPS as possible) but it is a matter of time before a person that competes gets one, and when that happens, it is going to be unfair. Also, it is the principle that there is an extremely slim chance of getting that DPS increase and it is locked being a paywall.
    Because if you say that it is so impossible to get it and it requires 75k USD then who was able to get it? And if someone was able to get it so far which is very hard to believe since it is actually nearly impossible to get it then did that person affected anyone else? Was that person stacked to the point where the +22 power bonus made any difference and ruined the so called competition? Could you not compete anymore because any other player in your party or another party had the potential to do 3.33% more damage than you?
    They are 2 ways of getting a ridiculously strong pet, 1. Spend loads of money or 2. getting extremely lucky like the guy shown above. No one spent in the 5 digits for a pet (well, I hope so) but there are still bunch of people with ridiculously strong pets and I did not say it is impossible. But the big issue here is that, all the hardcore players whom currently have BiS in like everything except pets (who would have thought) will never all have together (at the same time) ridiculously strong pets, some of them might get one eventually and this is where the inequality in the competition arise because of a select few lucky have those strong pets.
    And especially when you and we in general already overpower 95% of the player base? What is wrong here? The fact that the game is not balanced anymore or the fact that it is so impossible to get the extra bonus from the partner system that you or we in general might never be able to get it and as such never get our hands on the extra 3.33% damage bonus to have yet another edge against the other 95% of the player base that we overpower already?
    For the millionth time, all this debacle does not apply to the casuals at all, they have million other things to look forward before reaching this point (if they ever do) of doing top DPS. It is strictly related to the "die-hard" of the game to which BHS/EME/Krapton targeted to milk as much as possible.
    What needs to be done is to make it easier to get 50 fellowship or properly scale such as, for example, 40 fellowship is 32 power. (80% of 50 is 40 and 80% of 40 is 32, proper linear scale)

    Also, you added the 2% endurance debuff from the Valkyrie class and made a comparison ignoring the fact that the Valkyrie debuff is a debuff that is added on the boss stats helping any player that hits the boss with damaging skills to gain the extra damage while the 3.33% damage bonus is player only bonus and since there are usually three DPS players in the party then that shrinks the bonus even more making it to be even less visible party wide ( buffs and debuffs also work in a different way and can give different results even if a debuff is 2% and a buff is 3.33% since the boss stats and the player stats are relative sometimes with the 2% debuff being better party wide than the self buff with 3.33% ).

    I should've specify, their personal DPS*. Because if you want a parse run, you'd go with as many reapers or ninjas as possible.
  • That's a nice pet :3
  • Somebody has to pay for all that dish soap KitTeaCup wasted.
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