06/17/2019 - v66.04

Here are your patch notes for tonight's release:

SUMMER FESTIVAL (June 20 ~ August 19)
  • Summer Festival will be held until Monday, August 19 and NPC's will be deployed for Summer Festival events.
  • Locations of Summer Fest NPC's
    • Balder's Refuge (Renmi)4jcc3fcez80v.jpg
    • Serpentis Isle (Elesa)ezr2on8g2mdh.jpg
    • Velika (Shurimon)1i9txdvfhb18.jpg
    • Kaiator (Kurrn)wudmqqp8frnr.jpg
    • Allemantheia (Nomarun)y5wcno3ibeve.jpg
  • Summer Festival Guide Quests
    • Festival of the Sun: [EVENT] Holy Responsibilities
    • Banquet of Blood: [EVENT] Carnival of Carnivores
    • Castanica Beach Bash: Life's a Beach
  • Level Requirement for Summer Fest Quests: Lvl. 58

  • Improved Elite Status UI. (Product and benefits will stay the same)

  • A few dungeons have been removed from the matching UI to increase matching concentration between Lvl. 60-64.
    • The four dungeons below cannot be entered via matching, but can still be entered via teleportals.
      • Balder's Temple
      • Kelsaik's Nest
      • Argon Corpus
      • Manaya's Core

  • Declaring Guild War > Cancel > Redeclaring Guild War on the same guild now has a 24 hour cooldown.

  • Sun Festival Token, Sea Festival Token are added for Summer Festival rewards.
    • Players can obtain tokens via Summer Festival guide quest or daily quests.
    • Players can exchange token items for various fashion items, mount skill books, pet skill books, inner armor items, Smart Dyad Niveot Structure, and other functional items.
  • Fashion Coupon
    • Fashion Coupons no longer drop as a reward for hunting monsters.
    • Existing Fashion Coupons will be usable after TERA's next major release on Tuesday, July 2 when the shop is restocked.
  • Draconis Ferris Token is changed from fuse item to token item.
    • Items exchangeable using this token item are shown below:erf9t3hov65u.jpg
    • Changed Behemoth series gear naming and icons
      • Behemoth Gear > Gatebreak Gear
      • Oblit Gear > Fraxim Gear

  • Reset times for Elite Boxes are now specific to each region
    • PS4 and XB1 NA: 1200 UTC (5:00 AM PDT)
    • PS4 and XB1 EU: 0500 UTC
    • PS4 JP: 2000 UTC (5:00 AM JST)

  • Corrected an issue in which players could not use a Race Change Voucher with elin brawler character.
  • Corrected an issue with the Crafting UI that caused the progress bar to display abnormally, and also prevent players from taking control of the process.
  • Liberated Heroic oath and Stormcry items are now able to be sent via Parcel Post.
  • Players can now search for Liberated Heroic Oath items in the Trade Broker.
  • Unlearned skill slots no longer become empty slots when the player uses Appearance, Gender, or Race Change Vouchers.
  • Premium items bound to character not being shown as unable to register in brokerage register UI.
  • Footstep effects of bone dragon mounts being displayed as blue rectangle.
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