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Suggestion: House owning

Hi, I wanted to recommend an idea I had. My idea is being able to buy and own a house for your character, and also are able to decorate it the way you want. I think this will let players customize their house with given furniture and stuff you have to buy from merchants and place them wherever they want to show off to their friends. Also, other players can only enter the owners house if the owner allows it. This feature could attract more players and get players to recommend Tera to their friends.


  • FINALLY!! I finally find someone who shares with me on this. I've been saying for a long time that TERA would be even more fun (funner?) if it had a housing mechanic. Allowing you to buy (or even build) your own home, not too far off from the concept in Skyrim. Even letting you buy and sell to player through a realtor (like a Trade Broker). I completely agree with you stating it could attract more players, there's nothing I can think of as to why this couldn't work.
  • TheRickMeisterTheRickMeister USA, Wisconsin

    Yeah. Maybe if more people are into this idea, they will put it in the game. If anyone views this and agrees, post in this topic. We need all that we can get.

  • KabzKabz Ps4 ✭✭

    Ya this would be a great idea IMO, also other mmos on consoles like ESO and FF14 both have player housing. But if they haven't seen it on Tera PC yet you can prob. doubt that we will never get it..

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