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[Darkan][PS4][Looking] Pretty massive noob here.

Hi hello! Massive noob here lookin' for a guild to join. As the title states, I'm a PS4 player, and not the most experienced. I've got a level 31 Berserker, which I've retired, and have instead gotten to level 27 on a Mystic. I'm coming over from the EU servers, which I've found is too inactive in my general online time. On that server I had a level 40-ish gunner which is where most of my experience is from. But I am digging playing a supportive Mystic, so I would love to join a guild that would like a new healer joining in, who's still learning! Quite capable of voice parties, also got a twitch with literally no viewers, but might as well say it. :D

Aman for life.
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