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How do I Resize the Brokerage Window (make it less wide to fit the screen)?

The Brokerage Window/Menu is so wide I cannot see or access the Search and Reset Buttons (they are off the screen to the right) and I cannot move the window to the left to bring them onto the screen. The only way for me to access that side of the Brokerage Window is to make the UI so small (in Options/UI Settings) that I cannot read the lettering in any of the windows/menus.

Is there a way I can make the Brokerage Window less wide so I can see the right side of it without having to downsize my UI every time and using a magnifying glass to read it?

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  • RanseRanse ✭✭
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    I think I solved it. After shrinking the UI down so I can see the right edge, I found the little triangle in the lower right of the window and adjusted the size. thank you, anyway.
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