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Error fff0:0000



  • Potential fix for this for some people - I only get this error on launch if I try to run the launcher/game as an administrator (like I do for most games), where it'll get stuck on a white screen and eventually crash back to the launcher. If you run it normally it loads perfectly fine.

    Worth a try for anyone that may be doing this without realising it.
  • this error started happening to me today. Only if I try to log into Kaiator though. Velika server is ok.

    hopefully maintenance fixes it, I tried many of the suggestions on this thread to no avail.

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    having This error me too, Error fff0:0000 . i tried all the tips written in this discussion, it did not work. my specs are ok ( i did the compatibility check and all is ok). i tried to reinstall the launcher, nothing! wtf they messed up with this 64 bit update!

  • any tip? 2 days i cannot play due to this [filtered] patch

  • Any luck yet? I’ve downloaded my graphics card drivers, windows updates, redownloaded the entire game. Still have error fff0: 0000
  • I've done the same thing and I have the same error. :/

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    What kind of video card are you guys using? We had someone on Discord who appeared to trace the issue down to their AMD/ATI video card driver, but I don't know if that means that everyone with this issue is using AMD graphics or if that was just what it was for that one person. Unfortunately, this error is not very descriptive or specific.

    Be sure to send in tickets with diagnostic information and as much info as possible so they can try to correlate the commonalities between those with the issue.

  • if anyone have this error on x64 bit patch make sure delete _S1UI if u have mods installed delete all, and if u have changed the voice pack to japanese or something related delete all the mods and voice pack changes and if u can't find the original files just delete and run repair tool. the route for sound data is >Open your tera folder, go to client then S1Game -> cookedPC -> Sound data -> packages and folder named _PCVoice

  • problem (in my case) is that i have this problem with fresh installation (done 3! )

  • I too have uninstalled/reinstalled nearly four times as well. I have an Nvidia graphics card and recently tried rolling back drivers but to no avail. I also do not utilize mods when playing this game. :/

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    it's this patch that sux , they could delay the release and testing better. players cannot go crazy and trying to fix a problem created by those incompetent of bluehole or having a meme support from enmasse. you broke the game, making impossible to play and now you fix it! that's what a professional company does

  • I have a NVIDIA GeForce 860..Windows 10..64 bit..I logged into the launcher today and Windows Defender Firewall popped up and said something is not allowing the app to work? I disabled it and it still doesn’t work.
  • stuck at the splash screen? have a code error? tried with the AV off?

  • Yeah error fff0: 0000. Sounds like it’s about to launch then crashes. Ran the TERA repair tool at the launch screen and turned ATV off. Still get error code.
  • Tried running as an administrator. Didn’t work. Run Diagnostics checked out perfectly..deleted the TERA file from the previous comment “_PCVoice”..currently running Repair
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