Quest: Island Vacation - Lv 68 Serpentis Isle Bugged

Like the title says, the following Quest is bugged.

Quest - Island Vacation
System - PS4
Lvel 48 - Serpentis Isle
Goal Meet Zesine at Kaia Street.

This Quest is Claimed in Castanica, in Ascension Valley. You are supposed to meet Zesine on Kaia Street, which is directly behind you & to the right, from where you claim the Quest. Unfortunately Zesine is nowhere to be found. I have searched though the entire area of Castanica, be she is not there. I even went & watched a video & it confirmed where she was supposed to be, but wasn't. Clicking on Display Zone Quest Markers does nothing. I have reset the game restarted my system, cancelled the Quest & accepted it again, but Zesine has decided to go into hiding.


  • I cant find zestine either I have abandoned the quest numerous amounts of times and still nowwheres and I have done the research just nothing adds up to her
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