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And Yet another messed up Quest

I found another messed up Quest. I had gone back to sweep up any QUests I had not done & came across this one.

System - PS4
Quest - Crimson Essenmce Crystal
Level 20 - Tuwangi Mire
Goal - Deliverthe Essences to Langa (10 - Crimson Essence Crystals)

This is another 'Collection' Quests' issue. The Changes in items & ores & their locations have made this Quest literally undoable if you are level 20. Crimson Essenmce Crystal are no longer ANYWHERE near this area.

Locations for Crimson Essenmce Crystal can only be found in areas aimed at players level 53-58 and 60-65. These areas are:

Allemantheia (Province)
Val Elenium (Lv 53-58)
Val Oriyn (Lv 60-65)
Island of Dawn (Lv 65)

If you will notice the massive Level differences & a Level 20 will get 1-hit killed in these areas. SO this makes it from a local 'Collection Quest' to a come back later whene you are almost done quest for a measly 7,200 XP (Which is nothing when you are that far in the game.) This needs to be Adjusted/Fixed.

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