Once more unto the Breach not completing?

So I’m stuck on the quest “once more unto the breach” quest. It’s saying the quest will only be completed on normal mode. I have defeated the Demonbinder Murdranak twice -both on normal mode- and the quest still isn’t completing. I’m doing the dungeon on my own but would that have anything to do with it even though I’m still on normal mode?
Please help cause it’s driving me crazy now 😂

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  • KozyEmiKozyEmi ✭✭
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    You need to choose the "solo" version of it to complete the story quests now. Doing the 5 person dungeon even if you do it solo will not work anymore. That was changed a few patches ago when that solo mode was added. When you get up to the Golden Labyrinth dungeon then they no longer force you into the solo version to complete story quests.

    The side quests are still done in the 5 person version tho. It's very strange, have to do the solo version for the story and then the 5 person for the side quests. When you do the solo version to complete the story quest you wont get any loot drops or any exp for killing stuff. Only exp you will get is for turning in the quest at the end I think.

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