Female Castanic Reaper

I'd love to see a Female Castanic Reaper.
Any plans to launch existent classes to different races?


  • elins is love, elins is life, elins is profit for eme, so probably not.

  • a lot of people want femstanic reaper. with classes races opening up lately, its a possibility. its not likely but there is a chance.

  • AraseoAraseo ✭✭
    I’d loooooooooooove a Femstanic Reaper! Especially with the glowing red horns model...oof!
  • ActivaActiva ✭✭

    fem castanic already has valks o/

  • ChristinChristin ✭✭✭✭

    By time we get any new races in different classes will be a long time. A castanic reaper is most likely not high on the list either.

  • RonLawRonLaw ✭✭

    I'm in favor of this

  • RonLawRonLaw ✭✭

    @castanicpriest said:
    Give me a Baraka Ninja already..

    Baraka No Jutsu!!!!

    I think a castanic or elf ninja would be sweet.

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