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[PC] Skywatch: Antiquities - v83 Patch Notes 7/23/2019

Patch Notes

Quest/Zone Revisions

  • XP for zone quests in leveling zones have been removed and their rewards have increased.

Currently, low-level zone quest rewards are not helpful enough for leveling. So we decided to reduce or remove ineffective XP rewards and provide gold and gear tokens (which can be exchanged for gold, enchanting materials, combat supplies, glyphs, armor and crystals) for more effective play in the leveling zones.

  • Vanguard Requests are now available starting at level 20 (previously 13).
  • Players will receive ‘Flying Skill: Tulpar’ when clearing:

    • A Member of Valkyon Federation (reaper only)
    • Mattin’s Report (formerly For Valor Above and Beyond)
  • Improved story quests for leveling between Lvl 11-Lvl 64.

    • New story quests have been added to more smoothly connect storylines.
    • Additional localization on quests and quest items to highlight story elements.
  • Some story quests have been changed to zone quests.

    • The progression data of the updated quests will be deleted. Players can now receive and clear them as new zone quests.
Quest New Quests
Cultists Consipracy Scruffy Kumas Herders
Building a Myster
Mattin's Report (was For Valor Above and Beyond
The Popori Kingdom A Tale of Two Tails
Sibling Rivalry
The Domain of Witches
The Precocious Apprentice
Trace of the Gods Shakan, Not Stirred
Zenobia's Loss
To the Wild Jungle A New Breed
Dagon's Treasure
Castanica Like a Brother To Me
The Long Goodbye
Smoldering Bloodshard
Balder's Refuge To the Garden of the Sun
Keepers of the Sun
Seren's Lake
Into the Light
Under Balder's Eye

To increase focus on main story quests., many “sub-story” quests have been reduced in importance, and switched to zone quests.

  • The level(s) of the Argon War storyline quests have shifted to present that content more effectively
Storyline Quest Names Before Change After Change
Deceptive Lok Spectors Cleansing Tirkai 59 35
The Vanguard Initiative Confident Support 59 60
Fraya's Fury Building a Mysterium 59 47
Hope and Despair Three Towers 59 57
Sole Survivor 59 57
Argon War Fire for Effect, The Goddes of War, Into the Heart of Darkness, Cyasma Spire, Finding the Flame, An End to War 60 64
The Goddess of War 60 64
Into the Heart of Darkness 60 64
Cyasma Spire 60 64
Finding the Flame 60 64
An End to War 60 64
  • Adjusted the recommended level of Argon-controlled areas in Northern Shara
    • Required/recommended level for zone quests has been adjusted according to hunting zone level.
    • Some zone quests are removed due to new Argon story quests.
Guard Name Hunting Zone Name Before Change After Change
Val Tirkai Thrallhold, Three Towers, Tirkai Forest 58-60 45-47
Helkan Khanover Front 59-60 63-64
Val Kaeli Argonea 59-60 63-64
Granarkus 59-60 64-65
  • Increased XP and rewards for story quests.

    • Completing a story quest now awards a piece of gear suitable for your level, as well as uncommon and rare glyphs., gold, enchanting materials, combat supplies, and crystals.
    • Vanguard Request story rewards have been merged into the standard rewards for story quests.
  • Open World Content

    • Removed Lvl 11- 64 general hunting Vanguard Requests
    • Monsters will no longer drop relic fragments and crystals, but will drop level appropriate tokens (XX token, XXVI token, etc.) which can be exchanged for useful items.
      • We’ve expanded the list of items for which Tokens can be redeemed:
        • A piece of armor (bodywear, handwear, footwear) (5 tokens)
        • Glyph boxes and glyph tickets (5 tokens)
        • Crystals
  • Tokens already in inventory can be redeemed for the same items and prices.

In many cases, the general requests had the same targets as story quests, which sometimes overcrowded map by monsters and disrupts gameplay. Repeating these quests was slowed gameplay, and was less effective for leveling than hunting BAMs. So we removed the general requests and changed the drops so players can obtain more meaningful rewards.

  • Adjusted storylines and story quests for levels 11-64.
    • In order to reduce the number of “backlogged” quests, we’ve adjusted the required level for clearing quests.
    • Progression data for story quests in progress will be reset.
      • Prerequisite quests for any reset quests will be automatically be “cleared.”
Story Quests New/Updated Quests Required Level
Valkyon Wants You Brand New Support 11-16
Joining the Ranks 11-16
Isolated Town 11-16
Devan Uprising 11-16
Find the Captain 11-16
To the Devan Encampment 11-16
Sinister Ritual 11-16
Pulling Back the Veil 11-16
Cultists' Conspiracy The Force Behind the Devans 16-23
Going on the Offensive 16-23
From the Mouths of Scions 16-23
Some Gave All 16-23
Once More Unto the Breach 16-23
For Valor Above and Beyond 16-23
Insanity Epidemic Circle the Wagons 23-30
Finding the Cause of the Plague (New) 23-30
Dementalith 23-30
Behind the Plague (New) 23-30
Blood Will Always Tell 23-30
Watchman of the Mansion (New) 23-30
A Manor Invasion 23-30
Discredit Where Credit Is Due 23-30
Phantom Menace Revelation of the Goddess 30–33
These Aren't the Weapons We're Looking For 30–33
The Mystery Deepens 30–33
Federation Traitor 30–33
Sic Semper Proditores 30–33
Relic of a Bygone Age 30–33
The Fall of the Betrayer 30–33
Deceptive Lok Spectors Cleansing Tirkai 35-40
Abandoned Argon Stronghold (New) 35-40
Secrets Not Meant to Be Known 35-40
A Race through Dark Places 35-40
Dark Dreams Sundered 35-40
The Guardian of Velika 35-40
Allemantheia The Desert Jewel 40-41
Rotten to the Core 40-41
Visions of Destiny 40-41
Kaidun The Traitor of Acarum 41–43
Where's Kaidun 41–43
Freeing Kaidun 41–43
Fraya's Fury A Clue of Hope (New) 43-51
Fraya's Fury 43-51
Unveil the Mask 43-51
Building a Mysterium 43-51
Whereabouts of the Core 43-51
Rescue the Core 43-51
Fraya's Faith 43-51
Search and Destroy 43-51
Purging the Plague 43-51
Danger in Kaiator An Unexpected Event at Kaiator 52-54
The Indomitable Spirit 52-54
Drowned In Blood 52-54
Sikander's Bane 52-54
Hope and Despair (New) The Imprisoned God 54-57
God’s Test (New) 54-57
Fragment of Hope 54-57
Three Towers 54-57
Sole Survivor 54-57
Harbinger of Annihilation Into the Furnace 58-60
Labyrinth of Terror 58-60
Materials for Miracles 58-60
Thulsa's Doom 58-60
Destructive Beast Kelsaik 58-60
From the Ashes (Reaper starting area) Called to Serve 50-58
The Ash Princess 50-58
Picking up the Pieces 50-58
Secret of the Red Seal 50-58
Take the Fight to Them 50-58
Those Who Sow the Wind... 50-58
Reap the Whirlwind 50-58
Rise from the Ashes 50-58
A Member of Valkyon Federation (New) 50-58
The Vanguard Initiative (Fate of Arun) New Threat (New) 60
Confident Support 60
Supplies and Demands 60
Checked Baggage 60
Worse than the Disease… 60
The Sky Cruiser 60
An Army Travels on its Stomach 60
In-Flight Entertainment 60
The Battle for Intrepid 60
Savage Reach No change
Spring Valley No change
Ex Prima No change
War Is Nigh
Arx Umbra No change
Heart's Resolve
Argon War The Song of War (New) 64
Fire for Effect 64
The Scars of War 64
The Goddess of War 64
Into the Heart of Darkness 64
Cyasma Spire 64
Finding the Flame 64
An End to War 64

TERA’s multiple early-game storylines and complicated quest play paths can sometimes be a hurdle for players to embrace the game’s world-building, since quest levels often lag behind leveling speed, therefore, we decided to improve the play paths of the story quests from Lvl 11-Lvl 64 by streamlining the existing stories and changing Argon-related quests so that players can interact with the stories according to their leveling speed. We kept the changes on the Archdeva story quests in Fate of Arun content (Lvl 60-64) to a minimum to secure stability since players utilize them as their main leveling routes.


  • The Adventurous Federation Crate available for purchase in the TERA Store is no longer guild-bankable

    • Previously purchased Adventurous Federation Crates are unaffected by this change
  • Added Radiant Necklaces and Radiant Circlets.

    • Radiant Necklace

      • Can be obtained by upgrading Ethereal Necklace.
      • Upgrade with Gold / Silver Plates, Purified Ring Fragment, and gold.
    • Radiant Circlet

      • Can be obtained by upgrading Ethereal Circlet.
      • Upgrade with Gold / Silver Plates, Purified Ornament Fragment, and gold.
  • Added Radiant Earring and Radiant Ring as eligible items for Uncommon Accessory Morpher.

  • Improved Dr. Naslow’s Map Fragment drop effects.

Avatar/Leveling Gear Changes

  • Monsters longer drop Avatar Motes.

    • Dungeon and field monsters drop weapons, armor, and accessories.
    • Players receive a piece of gear appropriate for their level when completing a story quest.
  • Enchanting (level 1-64)

    • The max enchantment bonus of an item is now determined by its level.

      • Increased the stat increase per bonus.
    • Alkahest and Feedstock are no longer required for most enchanting.

    • Weapons require relic fragments (new item)

      • Relic Fragment I - gear equip level 12 to 32
      • Relic Fragment II - gear equip level 33 to 55
      • Relic Fragment III - gear equip level 58 to 64
    • Armor pieces require relic shards (new item)

      • Relic Shard I - gear equip level 12 to 32
      • Relic Shard II - gear equip level 33 to 55
      • Relic Shard III - gear equip level 58 to 64
    • Enchanting chance will be 100% at every level.

  • Rarity

    • Rarity progresses according to the items gear equip level.
      • (Uncommon > Rare > Legendary).
  • Gear Level

    • Relic weapon’s ilevel increases by 25.
  • Crystal Slots

    • Crystal slots gradually increase according to the gear equip level.
    • Weapons - 4 slots at level 32
    • Body Armor- 4 slots at level 38
  • Existing Avatar weapons now have the suffix “(Old)”

    • Stats of existing Avatar weapons (including enchantment bonuses) will not change.

New System: Merchant NPC

  • Magic Material Merchants are added to major cities (Highwatch, Velika, Allemantheia, Kaiator).
    • Inventory includes
      • Supreme Metal
      • Enchantment Seal
      • Accessory Morpher
        • Used to convert Quatrefoil Brooch ↔ Marrow Brooch
        • Powerful Goddess's Brooch ↔ Dracoloth Brooch
      • Uncommon Accessory Morpher
      • Ancient Accessory Morpher
    • Upgraded Quatrefoil Brooch options.
      • Skill Duration: 15 sec → 20 sec
      • Attack: 363 → 372


  • Returning Dungeon: Demokron Factory

    • Can enter via instance matching upon reaching Lv 66, ilevel 453.
    • Consume 260 Adventure Coins
    • Entry limit: 40 times a month (80 for Elite)
    • Can enter via teleportal in Val Oriyn province > Arx Umbra?
    • Rewards include: Skill Advancement XP, Devil’s Claw, Dragon’s Skull.
  • Returning Dungeon: Demokron Factory (Hard)

    • Can enter via party matching upon reaching Lv 67, ilevel 456.
    • Consumes 390 Adventure Coins
    • Entry Limit: 40 times a month (80 for Elite)
    • Can enter via teleportal in Val Oriyn province > Arx Umbra.
    • Rewards include: Skill Advancement XP, Purified Ring Fragment, and Purified Ornament Fragment.
  • Returning Dungeon: Manglemire

    • Can be entered through instance matching (5-player, ilevel 439).
    • Consumes 80 Adventure Coins
    • Teleportal is located in [Poporia > Pora Elinu > Eldritch Academy Grounds].
    • Rewards include: Artisan's Tools, Copper Clasp, Dyad Niveot Structure, Liquid Metal, Hypnotic Device, and Archdevan Surfactant
  • Returning Dungeons: Bathysmal Rise, Bathysmal Rise (Hard).

    • Bathysmal Rise: 90AC, 443 iLevel
    • Bathysmal Rise (Hard): 200AC, 456 ilevel
  • Dungeon Reward Adjustments

    • Common
  • Slight increase to Vanguard Request rewards (gold, Item XP, and Enchanting Materials)

    • Red Refuge

      • Added: Liquid Metal, Carved Ornament, Artisan's Tools, and Blightrage Weapon Chest
      • Removed: Hypnotic Device, Archdevan Formula, and Copper Clasp
    • Dark Reach Citadel

      • Added: Hypnotic Device, Archdevan Formula, Copper Clasp, and Blightrage Hand Armor Chest
      • Removed: Liquid Metal, Carved Ornament, and Artisan's Tools
    • Shadow Sanguinary

      • Added: Liquid Metal, Carved Ornament, Artisan's Tools, and Blightrage Armor Chest
      • Removed: Hypnotic Device, Archdevan Formula, and Copper Clasp
    • Ruinous Manor

      • Gear Fusion reward changed from Blighted / Blightrage Weapon -> Blighted / Blightrage Boots.
    • RK-9 Kennel

      • Added: Skill Scroll I
      • Removed: Blighted / Blightrage Hand Armor Chest
    • Velik's Sanctuary

      • Skill Advancement Scroll reward changed from Skill Scroll I -> Skill Optimization Scroll.
    • Antaroth's Abyss

      • Added: Skill Option Scroll II
      • Removed: Blighted / Blightrage Armor Chest
  • Removed: The Abscess, Kalivan's Challenge, Kalivan's Dreadnaught, Lilith's Keep (Hard), Thaumetal Refinery (Hard), Broken Prison, Shadow Sanguinary (Hard), Red Refuge (Hard), Dark Reach Citadel (Hard), Dark Reach Citadel (Hard, 7-person), Antaroth's Abyss (7-person), Grotto of Lost Souls (7-person)

We’ve closed some dungeons in order to improve dungeon matching times and reduce the difficulty to supply enchanting materials. The items from the closed dungeons can be obtained from other dungeons with the same difficulty. And those dungeons will return in rotation after rebalancing.

  • Added (Solo) versions of most progression dungeons, and shifted dungeon-specific quests (both Story and Zone) to only function in these versions.
  • In solo dungeons, XP can only be obtained from story quest rewards.
  • Accessories and enchanting materials suitable for the player’s level drop from named boss.
Dungeon Name Related Quests
Bastion of Lok (Solo) Once More unto the Breach(Lucrative Token, Membership Has Its Downsides, Impish Smiles, Fangs for Nothing, Mysterious Leather, Encrypted Book)
Sinestral Manor (Solo) A Manor Invasion(Treason’s Reward, Coughing up Blood, Lokians Lurking, New Converts, Return to the Dream, Take a Powder)
Cultists' Refuge (Solo) Dark Dreams Sundered(Dark Beings, The Quality is Superb, Book of the Abyss, Imp-robable Problem, The Last Thing We Wanted to See)
Necromancer Tomb (Solo) Freeing Kaidun(Vanished Spirit, Soulless Body, Deeply Rooted Grudge, Lasting Grudge)
Golden Labyrinth (Solo) Fraya’s Faith(Kurak's Lament, Konika's Favorite Food, Greedy Eyes, Sacrifices for Science, Grandpa's Stories)
Akasha’s Hideout (Solo) Search and Destroy
Saleron’s Sky Garden (Solo) God’s Test
Labyrinth of Terror (Solo) Labyrinth of Terror(Redistribution of Death, Killian's Hounds, Killian's Orchestra, Killian's Mad Jesters, Argons in the Labyrinth, The Lasher, I Sense Something, Uneasy Lies the Head)
Ebon Tower (Solo) Thulsa’s Doom(Blackhearts, Serve Me and Live Forever, Let Kaia Sort Them Out, Argon Assistants, Cap the Captains, Thulsa’s Cardinal, Effigy)
Kelsaik’s Nest (Solo) Harbinger of Annihilation
Manaya’s Core (solo) An End to War
  • Since Argon Corpus has no (Solo) dungeon, the zone quests The Reckless Merchant and The Rangers' Screams have been removed.
  • Players now can clear the story quest, An End to War without playing Argon Corpus. It remains at Lvl 60.
  • Manaya's Core’s (5-person) level has been increased to Lvl 64 due to quest play path change.

Class Balance

  • Empowered Glyphs for Apex Skill

    • Available at level 70
      • New Achievement: Empowered (triggers at level 70 and completion of [Inner Peace]
      • Brawler
        • Empowered One-Inch Punch: +10% Skill Damage (3 points)
      • Lancer
        • Empowered Super Leap: +5% Skill Damage (3 points)
      • Berserker
        • Empowered Beast Fury: +10% Skill Damage (3 points)
      • Slayer
        • Empowered Savage Strike: +25% Skill Damage (3 points)
      • Gunner
        • Empowered Remote Trigger: +7% Skill Damage (3 points)
      • Ninja
        • Empowered Quick Attack: +12% Skill Damage (3 points)
      • Reaper
        • Empowered Dark Harvest: +10% Skill Damage (3 points)
      • Sorcerer
        • Empowered Ice Lances: +12% Skill Damage (3 points)
      • Valkyrie
        • Empowered Gugnir’s Bite: +15% Skill Damage (3 points)
      • Warrior
        • Empowered Blade Waltz: +10% Skill Damage (3 points)
      • Archer
        • Empowered Wind Walk: +10% Skill Damage (3 points)
      • Mystic
        • Empowered Arunic Release: +20% Skill Range (3 points)
      • Priest
        • Empowered Divine Charge: +40% Charging Speed (3 points)
  • Skills

    • Gunner- Bombardment
      • Cooldown activates at the point of firing instead of attacking.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Changed the number of objects obtained from the reputation quest ‘Something at Sometime,’ and eased the difficulty.
  • Made it easier to re-enter Pit of Petrax.
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