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Power Scaling Tera


So I've been wondering on how to do this for a while. So I'm going to give a shot at this and implore anyone else reading this that cares about the lore to help me with this.
I always wondered how strong the players and gods and other beings in tera where. Strangely enough I couldn't find anyone making a scale for it. No fan wikis, not on vs battles not on the forums. Nowhere. So with my limited knowledge I'll make a very basic scale.


Abilities: Unknown.
Possibly: Creation, Reality Warping, Death/Life manipulation, Longevity, possibly immortality due to not dying of old age (possibly), Time manipulation, Portal creation, Fate manipulation, Large size (Planet sized)

AP: Multi solar system to universal depending on how we look at the evidence. They fell aseep and dreamed most stuff in the universe into existence over an unknown amount of time. Theyre clearly not omnipotent since they escaped from a place with war and strife. No omnipotent being shuld have to run away from anything, and since there are two of them that rules out omnipotence.

Why not multiversal? Well there has been no showings regarding that and nothing to say it should be yet to my knowledge.

Speed: Unknown , Instantaneous with teleportation
Possibly: Massively ftl+

The massively ftl+ is depending on how fast they created the stuff in the universe and over the scale they did it on

Range: Unknown
Possibly: Universal+

Stamina: Unknown
Possibly: limitless

Durability: Unknown
Possibly Multi Solar system level

Lifting Strength: Unknown
Possibly: Planetary to Galactic

Striking Strength:Unknown
Possibly: Planetary to Galactic


Intelligence: Unknown
Possibly: Genius Created many things in their dreams, including Living creatures.

Gods and Goddeses: Composite

Abilities: Portal Creation, Teleportation, Elemental manipulation, Fate manipulation (Mystel stated that she has bent fate too many times), Madness manipulation, Longevity, Flight, Creation (Velik Created the guardian of Velika a weapon after defeating the traitor the Federation), Barrier creation, Magic, superhuman strength, reality warping, Dimension manipulation (Mystel closed off a dimension after the guardian of Velika defeated a massive black dragon). Power bestowal (Gods are capable of sharing power through blessings and simply giving a mortal or god their own power), Sealing, life manipulation, Time manipulation (Velik sent you back in time with a fraction of her power), Large size, weapon mastery, ressurection

Ap: At least planetary
Possibly: Star to solar system level (In the realm of Gods,Gods are much stronger than outside of it. One God threw his eyes into the sky and they became suns to counter a curse of darkness on the world by another god).

Speed: at least hypersonic, instantaneous with teleportation

Range: hundreds of meters with god forms, star level with magic (A god threw his eyes into the sky that became suns and Mystel tends and restores the barriers around the entire planet)

Stamina: Extremely high (Mystel constantly uses her power to keep up the barriers around the planet)

Durability: At least planetary
Possibly star to solar system level

Lifting strength: At least building level
Possibly: planetary

Striking Strength: At least planetary
Possibly Solar system level

Weakness: Can die just like mortals or by having their powers stripped from them

Intelligence: Very high (Can create barriers and wards all around planets and know the intracaies of all of the spells required to keep them up, Capable of forming genius strategies to win wars and keep relative peace on a planet.

Standard equipment: Various weapons and armor and incredibly powerful relics.




Abilities: Elemental manipulation, Portal creation, Teleportation, Magic, Weapon mastery, barrier creation, Statistics amplification, invisibility (Hagrand created an invisibility potion for the player. While you could not fight with it that was due to obviouslynot breaking the game) Immortality by respawn (Player only) Ressurection,
Flight (Via flying mounts), Healing (Via potions and skills) Regeneration Low, Resistance to mind manipulation, statistics reduction, superhuman strength, longevity (some creatures live much longer than the main races), Life manipulation ( Rhodos said that argons are capable of harvesting the life of people they are fighting)

Ap:Peak Human to Large Planet level
Possibly: Star level (The player has received various and numerous power ups by blessings from gods and artifacts)

Speed: Average Human to supersonic, Instantanous with teleportation with limited range for combat teleportation)

Range: Tens of meters with weapons, kilometers with magic

Stamina: Very high (Can run for days on end if the player wished so)

Durability:Average human to Planetary (The guardian of Velika tanked with some difficulty a casual strike from a god)

Lifting strength: Unknown
Possibly: Island Level (Some argons are implied to be very very large)

Striking strength: Average Human to Planetary
Possibly: Star level

Weakness: If the argon queen is killed the argon collective minds fall apart, making them much easier to kill, Some mortals are ruled by emotion and make foolish decisions when pressured

Intellegince: Low to Genius (Many mortals have studied magic and the world around them to almost manic extents and thus have learned how to harness many types of energy and lots of technology.

Standard equipment: Varies

Well that's my very very basic scale. If you have anything to add or correct me on please do. I would appreciate it if it was done without rudeness. Thank you.

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