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Is the game worth returning to?

Hi guys, wanted to know the current state of the game. Used to play around 2 years ago when it was the LKHM and RMHM patch.
I know there's been a merge and level 70 cap, but really miss this game. The action combat and scenery is second to none. Is it worth to come back or better to avoid. Used to play on AV server.
Also, would 2million coins get u far in this game at this current state?


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    Reading the forums a bit should give you a general idea.

  • ZoknahalZoknahal ✭✭✭✭✭

    As i tell every new player and returning player, take everything said in the forums with a grain of salt.

    The best way to properly say if is worth returning or not, is to try it for yourself. Play a few hours and see if its something you would put time on again.

    But to answer a few of your questions:

    • AV server is gone, all servers have been merged into 2 servers: Velika (PvE) and Kaiator(PvP)
    • 2 million gold,will give you a good starting point.
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    It's not worth coming back when you don't know anyone or have friends still playing. It will be very hard to get into groups because they don't have patience for new players or unknown and I experienced that when playing on EU. Wasted too much time waiting for LFG or get into groups. 2 mil gold is sadly not enough to get decent gear to do all content because of the RNG of enchanting your gear and the high cost. You want to be BiS for moongourd mlg? Good luck with the insane gold/rng requirment.

  • bruh stop watching too much LazyPeon Vidoes, you have that matter inside your coconut use it, don't let others think for you if something is worth playing/doing something or not. Just like one comment said create an account and then login play for a few hours or days and SEE FOR YOURSELF if it's worth it or not. I'm still enjoying this game even though the people who manages this game don't have any idea what they're doing (i.e.? the broker listing fee, you'll be continuously tax 5% if your item is not bought w/n 7 days, hello? make it in a way that when you pay for the listing fee for the first time, relisting it for 2nd or 3rd time should be free, as a result the TB is kinda dead to make matters worst we have this lawballers manipulating the market.) but other players will tell you IT'S NOT WORTH IT but THESE same PLAYERS CONTINUE TO PLAY and even reply on threads like this, w/c may tell you that's it's still worth playing considering that the people hating on the game still continues to play. English is my FOURTH LANGUAGE so excuse my grammar but hope I was able to answer your question.

  • @OP

    Nah, this game is not worth coming back to. Bluehole (Krafton) and En Masse already killed this game too hard. Better to just start playing another MMORPG

  • Thanks guys for the feedback. You've all made some valid points. I'll have to think about it. Thanks for the help 👍
  • @castanicpriest said:
    This screenshot that was taken yesterday at Velika talks by itself:

    The golden plate is the main enchanting material that is needed for enchanting weapons/armor/jewelry/etc .. And yet this is how bad the supply really is and how much the players struggle to enchant their items.

    The crafter cures that are needed for crafting enchanting materials went up with almost x2 in price while the golden talents/darics are pretty expensive as well.. So this leaves anyone without much choice when it comes to actually gather the golden plates needed for enchanting ( i am not even going to start debating about the thousands of golden plates needed to enchant HO ).

    p.s. EU had crafter cures at vanguard shop for many years but that was never our case for NA

    Come to KA and check out the Golden Plates that have prices higher than that and 5 pages currently. Think KA has better supplies but pricey.

  • Go far, dont look back
  • TJKatTJKat ✭✭✭

    @castanicpriest said:
    p.s. EU had crafter cures at vanguard shop for many years but that was never our case for NA

    We've actually always had an NPC that sells Crafter's Cures in Velika. Unfortunately they're even more expensive than the ones on the broker.

  • I'm going to lock this thread at this point.

    As was said, the best way to decide is to play for yourself. The forum itself presents a partial picture that needs to be judged critically. A lot of the concerns depend a lot on what you want to get out of the game -- are you aiming to make TERA the central focus of your whole gaming life, or is it just a game to play casually on the side? The game is certainly not perfect and has its issues (which are discussed in more detail in many other threads), but the issues that impact you most will depend on your goals and play style. Regardless, the combat system remains fun, the game is still in active development, and people are actively playing it every day. At the very least, you can dip your toes in the water again before you dive in and see how much time the game deserves for you.

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