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(Velika) Mareeps Art Shop (OPEN)

Hello everyone! I am Mareeps or Inscription in game, and I’ve recently started playing TERA again and wanted to open up some commissions! ♡

-Currently only accepting Tera gold on Velika server. If you would like to buy a commission and you’re on Kaiator, elite vouchers are good too!
- Female characters only! Sorry I can’t draw guys, LOL.
- I don’t draw heavy gore or nudity, either
- No heavy armor, though a little bit is fine, and no weapons. If you really want me to draw a weapon, I can try, but I have no idea how it will turn out, sorry.
- If a design is super detailed, I may simplify it.
- Backgrounds are a choice between plain or transparent
- Please give me clear references so I can draw your character correctly ♡
- Commissioned art is for personal use only
-I have the right to decline any offer (if I don’t feel I can do your character justice)
-I do not accept refunds past the sketching stage
-The easiest way to contact me is either through my discord /(=´x`=)\#0287 or my deviantart https://deviantart.com/aaeruu

♡How this works♡
-Please fill out the form below, and send it to me
-Once accepted, please send payment
-Once I have received payment, I will begin working on your commission
-I will send you a WIP (work in progress) of the colored sketch to make sure everything looks okay - if you give it the ok, I will continue working ♡
-When I’ve finished, I will send you your commissioned art!

Commission Type:
Any extra important info: (like character personality)

Bust up: 150k

Half Body: 250k | Couples: 500k

1. halfbody couple + halfbody for Jennileee
2. halfbody for Ontari
3. halfbody for Margarethe
4. halfbody for Vivi
5. bust up for Thighsocks

I have more examples of my art, and past commissions here: https://www.deviantart.com/aaeruu if you would like to take a look, thank you! ♡


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