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[DEV NOTE] Upcoming Gear Update Background

What follows is a message directly from one of the developers on TERA. This message is concerning the gear change update that recently went out in the KR version of the game.

Hello, my name is Gon. I’m a developer for TERA.

First, I’d like to apologize to all of you that we had not fully explained the background information on the latest TERA update.

We’ve heard that many of you have expressed a great deal of concern about the gear we added with the July 23 update.

We hope that this note will not only inform you how to utilize existing gear, but also alleviate your concerns by explaining the purpose behind the design, as well our future plans regarding the gear update, which we’ve not addressed in previous developer’s notes.

The Intent of the New Gear

First, let me give you a little information on the background of the new gear update.

Currently, TERA’s gear upgrade system is a “vertical upgrade” system, with a total of 36 enchanting grades and 4 upgrade levels, ranging from Guardian gear up to Heroic Oath.

When we first introduced Guardian gear, we reorganized the gear system in order to simplify the enchanting process and minimize grinding, thus improving the players’ access to gear.

However, the current system for gear is showing the same issues—in different forms—despite our initial intention and efforts to lower the barriers to upgrading gear.

So, there is still a big gap in item level that players own, because of the enchanting rate and cost. Additionally, the high enchanting cost required at every stage does not guarantee a similar increase in the gear’s performance, leaving players feeling unsatisfied.

The existing system of enchanting and upgrading gear doesn’t allow a means to skip any steps, and makes it more difficult for new and returning players to adapt to the game.

So we’ve reorganized the gear upgrade system to resolve such issues, and we have introduced new gear that has a more stable upgrade system for all players.

New Gear Organization

The origin of the idea, and our primary consideration when we came up with the new system, was how to make use of existing gear.

Considering the time and effort players have spent on upgrading their gear, we wanted to ensure that any existing gear could still be effectively utilized, even after the introduction of new gear.

With that in mind, we moved forward with setting up the new gear specs with these main goals in mind:

  • Distinguished performance and purpose of existing gear
  • Different methods of obtaining and enchanting existing player gear

Distinguished Performance and Purpose of Existing Gear
In order to ensure that players’ existing gear remained desirable and useful, we could not simply grant higher stats to new gear.

So with new stat sets for Physical and Magic, we designed new gear with special attributes.

Gear now enhances the player’s Power and Crit Factor, and players can enhance desired attributes using crystals, but the new gear has Physical and Magic attributes and provides improved performance through random options.

Also, new gear has variables: The coefficient of skills and Physical/Magic resistance changes the player’s DPS.

Such features can be useful when players are focused on dungeons, but Guardian gear provides more stable DPS in any conditions.

Different Methods of Obtaining and Enchanting Existing Player Gear
As I mentioned above, we introduced new gear to improve the existing gear upgrade system.

One of the main characteristics of the new gear is how it can be obtained and traded via grinding.

New gear will be provided as an alternative to help make use of player gear for new and returning users that could not easily acclimate to the game, because they were not able to upgrade their gear to proper levels. This new system should also aid players who stopped upgrading their gear due to the heavy burden imposed by enchanting costs.

But new gear will have a variety of specs, including grade, number/type of options, and each option’s performance. It will be easy to increase their stats to a certain level, but difficult to reach max level.

The burden of the high enchanting cost also has been eased: The enchanting cost of new gear is lower than the enchanting cost of Guardian gear.

New gear can be upgraded faster, with fewer hurdles, so that more players can upgrade their gear without all the stress.

All the stats of the new gear have been set up equal to or lower than higher-level gear, but some gear can be upgraded up to a higher level than “Heroic Oath gear” through enchanting above the specified level.

But it will still be difficult to enchant gear above the specified level, as it can result in item level drop, or even damaging of the item.

Existing Gear’s Place in the Gear Hierarchy

Now that I’ve explained the reason for—and the direction behind—the new gear development, I will tell you about the new gear’s place in the overall hierarchy of gear—and how to utilize it.

Gear Hierarchy
First and foremost, I’d like to let you know that the current gear positions will remain the same.
New gear has been added to resolve longstanding issues in the gear upgrade system, not merely to offer higher tier of gears.

We understand and appreciate the time and effort you’ve spent on upgrading your gear, and we want to help you to continue improving your gear.

In this Skywatch update, the Heroic Oath gear will have stat levels comparable to the new gear for max level (Legendary).

For an example, please refer to the following table, which compares the new gear with Stormcry and Heroic Oath gear:

New Existing
Uncommon +0 Same level as Stormcry +0
+10 Same level as Stormcry +7
Rare +0 Same level as STormcry +6
+10 A little higher than Heroic Oath +3
Legendary +0 Similar to Heroic Oath +0
+10 Higher than Heroic Oath +3
  • Heroic Oath gear is set to level 458 in the new dungeon. No special preparation is required to clear the dungeon when using this gear.
  • Gear is designed to provided fixed damage without regard to physical or magic resistance.

How to Use Guardian Gear, Legendary Gear
Existing gear will be used to help craft Legendary gear that will be arrive in a future update. Legendary gear will be new type of equipment and have characteristics as follows:

  • “Legendary” is a new type of weapon with unique options. It can be crafted using Heroic Oath and new gear.
  • Enchanting level of materials will remain the same. +0 and +3 Heroic Oath items will yield different results when they are used as materials for crafting.

Legendary weapons are in the process of development, so I cannot provide you any more details at this time. I will provide more information as it becomes available.

I can tell you that it will be introduced to the game as a big update, after careful preparation. We’re working hard on its development so as to meet your expectations.

In Conclusion

Again, I’m very sorry that the lack of information after the big update caused you all so much worry.

I promise that we will definitely inform you about future updates in advance, through a developer’s note.

Thank you.

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