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Demon’s Wheel Event—August 22 to September 19

Get ready to test your skill—and your luck—with the Demon’s Wheel event!

Starting Thursday, August 22 and continuing until Thursday, September 19, we’ve reopened the Demon’s Wheel dungeon for a special four-week event. During the event period, log in each day to receive 10 free Demoros’s Mysterious Keys, or if you want more, drop by the TERA Store to buy them in bundles of five.

You’ll need those keys to open any and all of the boxes in the Demon’s Wheel event dungeon. Do your best to defeat Demoros. If you can take him down, everyone in your party will receive a Demoros’s Aged Box, each containing either a Fish Steak, Fish Fritters, a Skill Advancement Tome I, or a Demoros’s Puzzling Box.
If you get a Puzzling Box, it has a chance to contain a Glittering Box…which contains a Demoros’s Die plus other useful items.

Once you get your hands on some Demoros’s Dice, swing by the event merchant, found in any major city near their Trade Broker to trade them in for refining materials—or fun items!

Remember, you can claim 10 keys every day for the duration of the event. Additional keys can be purchased on the TERA Store. The Demon’s Wheel event ends on Thursday, September 19—so be sure to log in every day to stock up on those Mysterious Keys, and then hit the Demon’s Wheel every chance you get!

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