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08/22/2019 - v85 Patch Notes

Live83.06 Update



  • New: Azart Hatchery & Azart Hatchery (Solo)

    • When you defeat a level 65 or higher monster, a Wanderer Caiman may appear.
    • When you defeat a Wanderer Caiman, a teleportal to the Azart Hatchery may appear. Players can enter the dungeon via this portal.

      • Wanderer Caiman
        • A Wanderer Caiman may appear in any of the following zones when level 65 or higher monsters are killed:
          • Celestial Hills
          • Blessing Basin
          • Essenian Crest
          • Timeless Woods
          • Balder's Refuge
          • Sienna Canyon
          • Ex Prima
        • Players can obtain Skill Advancement XP or Legacy Essence as a reward for defeating a Wanderer Caiman in these zones.
    • Players can obtain Skill Advancement XP or Naga Guard’s Belongings (Blightoath gear, Rare Halidom/Artifact) as a reward for completing Azart Hatchery or Azart Hatchery (Solo).

  • Leveling Zone Dungeons

    • Upon completion, these dungeons drop relic weapons for the classes in the party.

Open World

  • New: Intel from Azart Scouts
    • Use Secret Intel [location name] items to check the intel.
      • You can obtain these items by putting the halves of Intel Fragments together. Here’s how to obtain the individual pieces:
        • Left Half: level 65 normal / boss monsters in hunting zones
        • Right Half: Item level 435 and higher dungeons
    • Players can obtain Essence of Nexus or Naga Leaders’ Belongings as a reward for successfully assembling the Intel Fragments.
      • Essence of Nexus
        • Provide lots of XP
      • Naga Leaders’ Belongings may include the following items:
        • Emerald
        • Diamond
        • Golden Daric
        • Silver Siglo
        • Golden Plate
        • Silver Plate
        • Supreme Metal
        • Metamorphic Emblem
        • Blightoath Gear Ticket
        • Onset Mask Ticket
        • Infinity Mask Ticket
        • Design: Golden Daric
        • Design: Silver Siglo
        • Design: Golden Plate
        • Design: Silver Plate
        • Design: Diamond

TERA Store

  • Vanguard Supply Store
    • Adding Relic Weapon Chest I and IX for users to get relic weapons based on their level.
      • Reapers cannot use Relic Weapon Chest I–VIII.
    • We removed Guardian weapons, and we will replace them with Guardian Weapon Chests for your class.
    • We removed Guardian armor, and we will replace them with Guardian Armor Chests for your class.
    • We removed Relic Weapon Chests I–VIII from the Special tab.


  • We improved the visibility of the valkyrie’s Runemark effects.

Live84.03 Update


  • Secret Intel Fragments will drop in the following dungeons:

    • Red Refuge
    • Dark Reach Citadel
    • Shadow Sanguinary
    • Ruinous Manor
    • RK-9 Kennel
    • Velik’s Sanctuary
    • Grotto of Lost Souls
    • Antaroth’s Abyss
  • Secret Intel Fragments may drop from the following open-world monsters:

    • Shadow Overseer
    • Autumunal Giant
    • Oneirolith
    • Forestwalker Prophet
    • Forestwalker Shaman
    • Forestwalker Thrasher
    • Iron Thorn Orcan
    • Contaminated Warthog
    • Contaminated Vulcan
    • Contaminated Fangspawn
    • Murderwing
    • Mournwing
    • Auto-Gardener
    • Sickly Warthog
    • Forest Vulcan
    • Dumb Fence
    • Mean Tomb Thief
    • Roundbeak Watcher
    • Sentinel Officer
    • Arbosk Enchanter
    • Trihorn Dracoloth
    • Carnage Fiend
    • Desert Basilisk
    • Ruins Hyena
    • Darkflame Dracoloth
    • Goblin Thief

Live84.05 Update


Demon's Wheel

  • Demon's Wheel (5-person) will return for a limited time.

    • Can enter via party matching upon reaching level 65, and item level 446.
    • Consume 145 Adventure Coins and can enter up to 40 times a week (elite up to 80 times).
  • Players can enter via the teleportal in San Allema, near Allemantheia.

  • Potential rewards include Otherworldly Shard, Archdevan Formula, Scavenged Supplies, Devil’s Claw, or Dragon’s Skull.


  • Improved the battleground matching system.


  • Changed rookie clear count for all dungeons from 5 times to 10 times.

Live85.01 Update



  • New: Azart Hatchery and Azart Hatchery (Solo)
    • Players can enter after level 65 in party of 1–5 players.
      • You must be in a party before the teleportal appears, in order to enter the dungeon as a party.


  • Secret Merchants and Traveling Merchants
    • These merchants trade items with Amadjuak Trading Post Gold Coins, which can be obtained in a variety of ways, such as Vanguard Rewards.
    • Secret Merchant
      • The Secret Merchants appear in the major cities (Velika, Allemantheia, Kaiator, Highwatch). You can determine their current location via the City World Map.


  • Pouch
    • Inventory slot will increase.
    • The story quest [Getty’s Invention] will be automatically claimed when you reach level 66, and players can expand their pouch tab when they clear the quest.


  • Add the function “Get All Mail.”
  • Add a function to adjust transparency of the damage font.
  • Add a function to display the chat time in the message in the chat window.
  • Add a function to inform players of the location of the quest they are currently playing while using a Village Atlas.

Live85.02 Update


Class Balance

  • Mystic

    • Arunic Release now doubles the chance to crit.
  • Priest, Mystic

    • Battle Nostrum now increases Crit Power, rather than Attack Speed. This will bring Crit Power in line with other classes effects from Battle Nostrum.

[Developer’s Comment]
In order to help healer classes, the option to increase Attack Speed will be changed to a Crit
Power increase option. Crit Power will be the same with other classes, so healers can also play
more aggressively.

Stepstone Isle

  • The Stepstone Isle story quest “Defeat Varkas” will now reward the player with the Brown Horse (Movement Speed 240).
    • The Brown Horse’s Movement Speed will increase to 250 as a reward for finishing the quest “For the Federation!”

Live85.03 Update (6/20)



  • Demokron Factory (Hard)
  • Decreased the HP of named monsters.

Vanguard Requests

  • Added Level XP to the following Solo requests:
Solo Request Name
Celestial Arena
Echoes of Aranea
Island of Dawn (Low/Medium/Top)
Ace Dungeon (Golden Labyrinth, Lilith's Keep, Akasha's Hideout)
Pit of Petrax


  • 65 level story quests are now colored purple in the quest journal to make them more obvious.
  • Enchantment Seal
    • The following items will become unavailable.
Item Name
Devil's Claws
Dragon Skull

Live85.04 Update



  • Ghillieglade
    • Added high-grade innerwear cloth.
    • Increased Goldfinger Token drop rate and amount.


  • Halidom/Artifact item icons will be displayed based on their grade.

Live85.05 Update


Class Balance

  • Priest
    • The cooldown of Shocking Implosion now doubles after using Edict of Judgment.
    • For the skill Triple Nemesis, the duration of the effect of Enfeebling Volley of Curses’ has increased from 12 seconds to 18 seconds.
    • For Divine Prayer, we are changing the HP recovery amount, and making the casting time immediate. (Previously, it was 1.5 seconds.)

[Developer’s Comment]
Priest’s Past Glyph Shard effect duration was too short, so players had to recast it again
very soon after the previous casting. The duration has been increased.

After using the Edict of Judgment skill, priests had to cancel the skill and use other heal
skills if their party members were in danger, because the HP recovery was too low. So we increased the HP recovery of Shocking Implosion, so that priests can better manage party
members’ HP after using Edict of Judgment.

Divine Prayer, which recovers HP by 20%, is providing excessive HP recovery, but that was
not the intent. Therefore, we adjusted the skill to recover a large amount of HP and a
small amount of HP every sec for 5 seconds. Also, we changed its casting time from 1.5
seconds to immediate casting, so it’s more effective in emergency situations.


  • Leveling Zone Dungeons
    • Reset dungeon matching UI for Ebon Tower and Kelsaik's Nest dungeons to level 58-64.
    • Balder's Temple
      • Added Vanguard Request reward.
      • Decreased dungeon reset time.
        • Normal dropped from 30 minutes to 20 minutes; Monthly Pass dropped from 30 minutes to 10 minutes.
    • Argon Corpus
      • Added Vanguard Request reward.
      • Decreased dungeon reset time.
        • Normal dropped from 30 minutes to 20 minutes; Monthly Pass dropped from 30 minutes to 10 minutes.
    • Manaya's Core
      • Added Vanguard Request reward.
      • Decreased dungeon reset time.
        • Normal dropped from 60 minutes to 20 minutes; Monthly Pass dropped from 30 minutes to 10 minutes.


  • Once reaching level 60, the player will automatically receive the story quest “New Threat.”
  • The story quest “Confident Support” will available starting at level 60.


  • PvP Gear
    • Changed the enchanting effects for Disciplinary and Impregnable weapons.
      • Augmented Pain
      • Reaper's Resonance
      • Expelling Mark
      • Tickle
      • Persistent Recoil
      • Steelheart


  • Dramatically reduced the HP of orisks in Spring Valley.

    • Increased the number of monsters that spawn.
    • Completing Valkyon Requests now grants additional XP.
  • Dramatically reduced the HP of Magmara/Moaloth and Ruins Guardian.

    • Increased the number of monsters that spawn.


  • Decreased damage font size by 60% or more.
  • Added the description of Howling String in the archer skill Wind Walk.


  • Leaderboard will not reset until Tuesday, August 27, shortly after the release of this build.
  • We updated the Fashion Coupon store to include a great deal more content. Please see our additional post for more information: CLICK HERE

    • No further updates are planned for this token shop moving forward.
  • Dismantle Shop has been updated to include a costume, weapon skin, and accessory box. Use your Terachic Boutique Coins to grab some new swag!

    • Contents of these boxes are subject to change at any time.


  • Forsaken Island teleportal and Dreadspire entrance NPC exist, but the dungeons are disabled.
  • Server Transfer has been disabled due to an issue specific to this build. Bluehole has determined the root cause of this issue and will be delivering a hotfix to us shortly.
  • Gridiron Battleground may cause your client to crash. Bluehole has determined the root cause of this issue and will be delivering a hotfix to us shortly.
  • We were unable to add Mystery Coins to the following Vanguard Requests, and will work with Bluehole to resolve this issue:

    • Velik's Sanctuary (Hard)
    • Ruinous Manor (Hard)
    • RK-9 (Hard)
    • Antaroth's Abyss (Hard)
    • Gossamer Vault
    • Gossamer Vault (Hard)
    • Demokron Factory
    • Demokron Factory (Hard)
    • Corsairs' Stronghold
    • Shore Hold
  • There was an issue concerning the Fashion Coupon store, as well as the Daily Calendar. You can read more about this in the following thread: CLICK HERE

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