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Fashion Coupon Update in v85

On August 22, the “Skywatch: High Stakes” content update for TERA PC not only unleashes new challenges for your characters, it blows the doors off the Fashion Coupon store!

Accessible by using a Fashion Coupon from inventory (obtained by fighting BAMS, from Fashion Strongboxes, in-game events, or the daily calendar), the Fashion Coupon store was already the place to shop a large selection of weapon skins, armor costumes, and other fun items. But in this update, we’ve activated as many different weapon skins and armor costumes we could find in the game as possible added them all to the store!

In particular, we’ve heard your requests for more—and more varied— weapon skins for TERA’s original classes. However, for many of the older looks, the only versions available have a 180-day duration. We know this isn’t ideal, and would prefer to have permanent versions of these items (some armor costumes, in particular Gunner costumes, also fall into this category), but we decided that it was better to add everything now rather than wait for better versions later on. We lowered the cost of the 180-day fashion items accordingly, so you should be able to keep your favorite look on an ongoing basis.

In addition to these classic looks, there are also updated versions of existing items available for newer classes, and some permanent-duration fashion choices for everybody, like dyeable Vibrant costumes and a selection of rare and never-before-released land mount variations that may interest mount collectors.

Now of course, with so many items added at once you may find a few cases where two fashion coupon items share the same look but have slightly different properties (duration, applicable classes, etc.). If you come across duplicates that have no meaningful reason to remain on the store, please call them out and we will try to clean them up as soon as we can.

This expansion to the store includes all the available and eligible fashion items in the game. While we are not anticipating any further additions, we hope the updated selection provides plenty of options to customize any character.

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