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Broker crashes the game

The game has been crashing fairly often for me, especially when I'm using the broker and setting prices, etc. I think it started since Monday (8/19).

It reminds me of when I use my inventory pet Felicity, the game has a likelihood to crash when I quickly summon and open the inventory or the other way around.

PS4 server


  • There is a bug making the broker very buggy like that after the recent patch :( What seems to cause it is searching for something using the filters then trying to list an item or relist something. You can avoid the crashes caused by that if you close the broker window after searching or using the filter and then reopen it to list your items.

    It is not the best work around especially if you have a lot of stuff to sell and look at prices on but it is better than crashing every 5 minutes! I hope this bug gets fixed soon the crashes are very very time consuming since it takes so long to get the game re-opened, connect to the server, select the server, select the character and finally get logged in and close the cut scene that always comes up and sometimes causes crashes too.

  • Thanks! I'll try that work around.
  • sadly the work round doesn't seem to be full proof though :(

    do they know about this issue? I'd rather reinstall the game only as last resort.

    @CobaltDragon please fix this bug!
  • LingyiLingyi ✭✭
    edited September 2019
    @KozyEmi I just realized upon self-discovery what you meant by your work around. Yes, closing the entire broker window (getting out of the broker) between searching an item and listing items does prevent the game from crashing.

    I know for certain that it'll crash if I list an item, change tabs (for example my 'brokered sales') then try to list an item (same one, at least) again. Getting out of the broker (closing the window) after each transaction (listing one type of item; searching) will prevent the crashing.

    I've tried reinstalling the game and disconnecting my keyboard as well. The game still crashes.

    The crashing screen indicates the error ce-34878-0. This error "occurs when there are unknown bugs within games or system crash in your PlayStation."

    I've checked and there are no updates for either my system or the game. I can also confirm with the in-game global chat that this error and the work around, that I'm not the only one experiencing this.

    So, the game crashing is due the game's fault. Again, I've noticed that this problem began on Aug 19, likely after the update on that day.

    I've submitted a ticket on this matter as well. Although I've gotten accustomed to the work around, please fix the problem nonetheless. And add this issue to the 'known issues'

    edit: I'll also add that I also get crashes during dungeons occasionally, which didn't happen before unless I was on mystic holding corruptionring when enemies die or a cutscene happens.
  • I've submitted a ticket on this issue, and the conclusion was this:

    " The change was intended to stop things from happening too quickly.
    [...] this is not a bug per say "

    I don't know what to say. I may be missing the details, but this doesn't make sense.
  • Unless there's a bug being abused and it is caused by doing things "too quickly" at the broker, and therefore this change/bug is implemented to counter it, it just doens't make sense.

    What's next? Having the game crash if a group of dedicated players are tackling a dungeon too fast?

  • ExipheusExipheus Kazura (XB1 NA Lakan ) mod

    They are aware of this and it has been reported and listed. That seems like an odd counter measure though

  • mersanmersan
    edited September 2019

    i have the same issue, the game crashed at least 3 times today

  • Today's update seems to have fixed the issue. Good job.
  • As this has been fixed, I will close the thread. Should any further issues come up, don't hesitate to post again!

    Happy posting!
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