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Any changes to Phoenix Resurrection?

It used to be that I didn't have to summon my Phoenix at all yet Phoenix Aura would still activate when I die. But now, that's not the case. I've encountered few cases where it doesn't proc. It happened during my solo hunt on the world bosses, as well as my run in rmnm dungeon.

Did this change? I know that the description on Azure says that the phoenix must be the last mount used in order to be granted a bonus. Has this now been "corrected" to follow what the description on the Azure says? I only use a Phoenix + land mount.

edit: I was on my mystic during the rmnm run. I don't remember if I was in combat stance during the boss fight. Some notes say that Phoenix Aura procs on death by monsters (incl. bosses). Does the passive proc on death by monster or death during combat?

Please clarify.

Ps4 server


  • LingyiLingyi ✭✭
    edited August 2019
    I think you must have summoned it at least once since you log in for Phoenix Aura to proc. And that can be tedious. If that's the case, are there any plans make the shortcut for the flying mount skills (dismount, dive, acceleration) customizable?

    iirc, L3 is the default button to mount/dismount the default/land mount. However, you can change the shortcut to another button.

    The shortcut to mount the flying mount can also be costumized, but not the dismount (L3). I don't like pressing on my controller thumbstick, which gets worn out over time.
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