Killed 130 BAMs for 62 FC.



  • ChristinChristin ✭✭✭✭

    @UsagiFF said:
    The drop rate is the same as before however what it is true they reduced the amount of FC when they drop. We used to get a stack of 10 each time they droped, now you get 4 when they drop.

    The drop rate is not the same as it was before. Yes, they changed the amounts of the drops, but no, the rate has been severely reduced compared to how it used to be last year. Before they made all of the changes, it was common to have a drop from every 5 BAMs killed. Now, you're lucky to get a drop after 10 BAMs. The rate of drops was changed back when they took the FC from the novelty merchant.

  • they have cut the number from 10 to 1 so for right thing enmasse could cut the price of shop :10 for example is 1 article cost 250 fc after could cost 25 fc and the problem will be solved B)

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