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New/Future/Possible PVP event

Thanks En Masse staff for the beautiful event you gave us this past week.
Now I ask you for a pvp event that gives you in addition to rare pvp inners, skill exp, as many don't pve.
Not to be the same I suggest using the other battlegrounds such as Corsair Stronghold, Skyring and Kumas

But I also ask for a bigger gold reward on the vanguard, as skills lv 66 ~ 70 are expensive, and leveling gear pvp too.

And a possibility to place jewel enchantment items that are currently obtained exclusively on pve which are the Radiant set, not everyone is able to play a top dungeon, either for lack of item level or just being focused on pvp just like me .

I as well as the whole pvp community of the game were very happy and grateful for the event, I hope they continue to provide us with more and more events.




  • Yeah, the BG event was a success.

    I believe that radiant jewelry mats need to be in the BG shop because it impacts PvP therefore, there should be a way to obtain it through PvP.
    People that both do PvE and PvP have a huge edge in PvP and I do not think it is fair for the people that just likes PvP.
    I personally don't care (since it do not get disadvantaged in PvP) because I do both PvP and PvE but some others do not and get rekt.

  • The event was great. Battlegrounds were finally popping again after months of maybe popping once or twice a week. Thanks to En Masse for hosting this event.

    As for right now, Battlegrounds are back to not popping anymore. Another event would be great, but Battlegrounds would just die again after. We need a permanent solution to motivate people to queue battlegrounds daily as they used to. I have suggested multiple times that the monthly Battleground Jackpot calendar be brought back, but it seems the player council has been told this wouldn't be happening.

    I'm not sure why En Masse doesn't want to bring the jackpot calendar system back, but it worked and battlegrounds were active everyday when it was in use. I again, am suggesting this system be brought back. Why fix something that isn't broken? Otherwise, there will constantly need to be some event in place or there will just be dead battlegrounds.

  • FuelynFuelyn ✭✭
    edited September 2019

    Agree. Event was absolutely lovely. I understand they don't check the Forums that much so if someone could pass the message along to Discord that we're grateful and would like more, that'd be great.

    As others have said, more reward for BattleGrounds would be greatly appreciated since there are people, like myself, that do not run dungeons. Sometimes, not even any PvE content at all.
    I can't advance on my jewelry or my 65+ skills because of this since I just simply don't enjoy or particularly favor the PvE and choose to stay away from it.

  • LuniackLuniack Velika Outskirts ✭✭✭

    :3 GMs are seeing my thread, I hope.

  • whatever they do make sure all players can participate meaning no kicks or discrimination based on gear how good they are lol

  • PvP gear is needed on Shores. Otherwise even a healer can take you down.
    Think of it as if going to a high level dungeon with Guardian gear.

    Personally, I feel they should at least make the default gear 0 PvP gear or 3+ PvP gear when joining a Shore game since apparently getting a full set is hard even tho it is very cheap.

    And if you show history of bringing the team down, I mean you're gonna get kicked even in PvE for that. Keep in mind that the TERA community isn't that big. It's easier to remember people.

    I'm not denying that there are people that kick unfairly, but those requests are absurd. Not everyone is asking for the best, but they're not looking for someone that seeks to be carried. And to counter that you need gear(So you're not completely obliterated) + kicks(AFKs and/or Mavericks).

  • If it was unintentional, seeing as how this problem is still happening after it being out for so long, I'm guessing this is something they do not plan on changing. So the players have taken it upon themselves to find a "fix" for it.

    Also kicking is also not used only for gear. Hate to keep bringing this up since I feel it should be obvious, but the reasoning for kicking are the same as for PvE.
    Only difference is that you'll find more "elitism" in PvP since it's harder to carry a PvP match than a PvE dungeon.

  • @UsagiFF said:
    Why not send support tickets complaining about Shore Hold not restricting people with no pvp gear or pvp gear lower than +6?

    This is an issue that should be solved for the devs and not using the kick system.

    I'm not sure that support tickets will help, as they'll probably just send you to the forums or Discord since it's a feature suggestion. I do think it seems like a reasonable suggestion, though.

    (But if they did add an ilvl style system for PvP queueing, I guess then the next question is if you to eventually be more strict on "kick abuse." But maybe one thing at a time, if they'd consider it.)

  • PvP in 2019 still live?

  • I agree with the idea of jewelry, we are not all interested in making high-end pve content, I think the idea of being able to make jewelry by grind of battlegrounds is magnificent. What they should also put are the golden talent and readjust the price of the plates since 200k + just for one is ridiculous.

  • I am pretty sure the reason why they removed the golden talent from the BG shop in the first place was because you did not need golden talents for any of the new PvP gear and ethereal jewelry, however, now that radiant is in the game and needs golden talents, I think it needs to come back to the game.

  • New jewelry materials have been added to the shop! Thank you for your feedback.

  • @StarSprite said:
    New jewelry materials have been added to the shop! Thank you for your feedback.

    now the pvp event is missing

  • Thank you for adding jewelry mats into the BG shops. Hoping more people notice this so we can actually get a que to pop.

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