[PC] Maintenance is completed!

Missing quests and quest log issue

Server: Velika
Char name: Renfri
Class/Level: Valkyrie 66
Race: Castanic female

A few weeks back, after a scheduled maintenance, my quest log became a bit jumbled. My "For the Federation!" tab with multiple dailies and some other quests disappeared from the active log. Some of those quests were marked as "Not Yet Unlocked". Now, I don't have this tab, my fully completed Apex quest tab still appears in my log, even if I don't have the check on show only completed quests, I have two fishing quest tabs, one with completed, other with unfinished quests.
The biggest problem though is that I never received the Red Refuge quest from Seir after hitting lv 65. As I understand, that's the starting point for whole range of dungeons and quests. My other characters got it without a problem, after hitting 65. So without this quest, I can't continue the storyline.
I did, however, receive and complete Thaumetal refinery and Velik's hold.

Here's the screens of how my log looks currently

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