Buddyup question

hello all tera community or alien community,

are you allow to use buddyup on same account?

i keep getting this error, but i don't remember what's old thread has this answer but cant find it.

it says im eligible for buddyup but cant use it on same account, that character im using has 0/3 and typing correctly with his #number and capital letter
nobody else is using it.

i know there's tons of thread but i cant find the specific answer talks about under same account giving yourself buddyup.

fyi im returning player i just came back from 3 years break and never used buddyup before since i used last time was way back in 2016.


  • As far as I understand, the mentor and trainee have to be on different accounts for BuddyUp to work -- it's a system intended to get people to party together and make friends in game. So yeah, I don't think the situation you're describing will work -- you should be able to check our monthly thread for codes you can use.

  • ohh they patched it, i used to do it on same account it worked out way back then, aw thats poop. thanks for confirming it.

  • ehh i'll try use someone else but usually i do it to make money. ( EME pls mercy)

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