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Haymaker is causing the boss to Turn PLEASE FIX!

There is a bug on Brawler where everytime you use Haymaker when boss is not attacking or when his animation attack is about to end this couse the boss To TURN, this is really annoying because sometimes i can't even use haymaker otherwise the boss will turn and there is nothing i can do, and haymaker is the main ability of Brawlers witch is even worst because u kind of have to use it otherwise your damage will be incridibly low.


  • Here is a quick way to fix this problem, make Haymaker do not change the position of the player this will fix the problem or put a Glyph in haymaker to avoid the player change his position when using it. The reason behind is that there is a desync counsing the player passing trough the boss every time u use it's really anoing because haymaker is the MAIN ability of brawlers and u kind of need to use it.

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