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How good will stormcry be next patch?

Hey guys, with this enchanting event going on is it worth getting all of your gear to +9 stormcry, because there will be new gear this month and how will stormcry be once the arrives?
Also, what's the quickest way to get gear exp?
Many thanks


  • EllexemEllexem ✭✭✭

    They provided a table a while back of a rough equivalence. At least of what their design goal is, I haven't kept track of if they've failed utterly in those targets.

    Uncommon +0 -- Same level as Stormcry +0
    Uncommon +10 -- Same level as Stormcry +7
    Rare +0 -- Same level as Stormcry +6
    Rare +10 -- A little higher than Heroic Oath +3
    Legendary +0 -- Similar to Heroic Oath +0
    Legendary +10 -- Higher than Heroic Oath +3

    Keep in mind that the minimum level for even the Uncommon gear is 68, so if you're below that Stormcry will continue to stand you in good stead. The new gear will also end up with more varying damage but peaking higher, due to magic and physical damage stats being all different between things, with the old gear providing a more consistent level of damage.

    So, until you get (and then enchant) a new piece of gear with the right stats you'll likely be able to get along quite well with your current Stormcry still, and likely even need to.

    There is also a fourth tier coming at some point in the future that is an upgrade path from Heroic Oath, so you need that if you want the Mythic (or whatever it's actually called in the end) gear that is slated to be BiS. At least that is what I've been able to gather from what was posted in the past.

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