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I heard of drip feeding but...

Where's the actual new content? Costumes don't count as content to keep us engaged. Looking pretty is nice and all, but running the same old content is starting to feel stale. New game mechanics like Apex skills look amazing. New dungeons and raids look amazing but when? My main and a couple handfuls of my alts are primed and been ready from what I recall from the pc's side of the requirements.

So I'll ask as blunt as possible; whens the new content in the action rpg I signed up for? I did not sign up for a fashion show waifu sim.


  • yay new post! It's been so quiet here.
  • SehyaSehya Vesporax,kaprima,lakan, sylvina,cantfrontthis,kantouchthis,cantbeaninja,
    edited October 2019

    very much so lol, finally figured how to change my profile name after a year... just had to make a pc account on laptop. drip drip drip drip splash

  • It is painfully slow. I heard before console seems to be around 18 months behind PC but definitely seems longer. It's already been about 18 months since Apex was released on PC but I haven't heard anything yet. Nearly 2 years on flight suits so again I dont know how accurate 18 months is but I've heard they're coming soon and were just delayed. For other content though I'm not even sure what's coming out and when. Was sad I left for 6 months and nothing changed. Next couple months I hope for big stuff. Apex SHOULD be out at any time as far as I'm aware.
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