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2012 I’m so lost

Lvl 60 warrior. I haven’t logged in since 2012. I’m so lost. Lvl 70?!? Geez. Where do I pick up the story? I don’t even know how to do combat or crafting. Total noob all over. Help?


  • I was in the same boat last week when I came back after being gone for 5 years. Based on what I learned, you will want to finish the main questline at Level 60. By the time you are done with it, you should hit level 65, which will begin the Apex questline. This questline will give you access to Guardian set for your class and will be your main gear for the rest of the game. You can upgrade them by farming certain mats that are now the main drops of any lvl 65+ dungeon. The set upgrades goes as follow: Guardian -> Twistshard -> Frostmetal ->Stormcry -> Heroic Oath. Also there is no more alkahest or +15. Its now getting your set to +9 and upgrade to the next tier. Campfires are gone, Isle of Dawn is now a ruined lvl 65 zone, and the new hub area is Highwatch, located in Northern Arun. As for crafting, I haven't delve into what's new yet since I'm mostly focusing on getting to Level 70 and ilvl 458+. If you need a questing partner and play on the pve Velika server, feel free to add me. IGN: Ulthran

  • Thanks. I'll do just that! Managed to pick up the questline in Kaiator. Got my [filtered] handed to me quickly so a partner would be helpful. Noticed a lot of things not working, and I heard about Isle of Dawn .. what a surprise that would've been.

  • I usually hop on in the evenings around 7:30PM CST, so hit me up around that time if you need help with Apex questing. There are a few quests within Apex questline that you will have to solo. Make sure to bring lots of health pots for that.

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