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Constantly freezing and crashing, trying to fix for months



  • Don't fight against Tera. We have 7 years with same sh.it. Sometimes we have freeze/crash season and other work nice. It's Tera.

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    I will fight, and I will win.

    This is deff not a common issue though. trust me, it's every dang time I play, and it will continue to happen until I stop playing.

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    Edit: Nevermind, issue still there, tear

    RIP tera

  • xD Tera is a special game. You can have a Nasa PC but Tera gonna rap.ed all you'r hardware.

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    Got my reponse from eme staff.

    Just generic textbook "fixes" that all have all been discussed here.
    I figured they would actually look deeper into my diagnostic file, but naw.

    I crashed again last night with a "memory error", so I am thinking this has to be something to do with my Dell/Alienware software and Teras terrible coding. At this point, it's the only explanation.
    They recommended to try a "clean boot" as did others in here. I guess I will try that to determine if I am right.
    I wish there was an easier way to pinpoint which piece of software is killing Tera for me.

    I have nothing other than the Alienware OC software, gaming keyboard and mouse software (Alienware), and of course Dells whatever the heck that came with my system. But honestly, the pc was clean and very very minimal software/bloatware.
    I don't see anything in task manager that is really utilizing much ram at all; so this really has to be some sort of conflict rather than a real "memory leak".

    Is is still my hope that I get a resolution out there for other Alienware brothers and sisters.

    That or a simple fair warning that this game doesn't cooperate with these systems in general, so owners should save their money and find another mmo that is properly coded (which is literally every other mmo out there).

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    Was going to delete game, but I just can't :/

    Anyway, the game plays fine if I stay outside of channel 1 populations in Highwatch and Velika. It sucks, but it is what it is I suppose. I sure as heck tried everything I could that was within reason.
    I am sure if I dropped everything to potato levels would help a bit, but how enjoyable would that be?

    Possibly just AMD graphics and the fact that it won't take the physx burden off the cpu and memory due to the coding for the game being heavily geared for Nvidia.

    Still positive a real client update would fix the issue.

    But I am done trying to fix this I think, it's a useless battle.

    Cancelled elite as I know the games shutdown will be more realistic that a client update; seems to be the path for all of the Korean mmos unfortunately.

  • For those that are interested.
    I have found that I believe this has nothing to do with my system be it software or hardware. It is simply the game code. Once the game hits over 2.5gb of memory usage, it becomes unstable and freaks out.
    I dropped all my settings to minimal again just to test this out one last time.

    I was able to make a couple minor ini file changes and keep my settings at high/med without shadows. I was able to chill in channel 1 of Velika and Highwatch with the memory usage sitting around 2.3-2.5 (population was "low" though, but there was deff players hanging around).
    Hopefully it remains stable enough for me now.
    It is very unfortunate that these are the things that us players have to resort to in order to play this game (while paying money into it as well).
    Super sad that all this game really needs to solve these common issues, is a 64bit client to allow the engine to utilize memory properly. Heck even keeping it at 32bit but making it large address aware would even help a ton.

    I don't think that the freezing/crashing that I was experiencing was as common as simple fps drops etc, but I guess that is my own individual circumstance with Tera vs my setup. I believe that it's the AMD graphics and its inability to take the Physx load off the cpu...that really causes my system to hang. But a simple problem that should have been left in the past years and years ago if the game could utilize memory properly like every other dang title out there.

    I know I was a bit late to the party, but the info I was able to find out there during my troubleshooting wasn't quite specific enough in regard to actual game crashing.

    Never the less, seems that this core problem is the same as it always has been.

    Thanks again everyone.

  • I'm glad that you found a resolution that seems to be working for you for now. I think we'll now consider the thread closed.

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