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Looking for a guild on Velika for healer main and dps main

My boyfriend and I started getting into Tera after an over a year long hiatus. We’re currently looking for a medium/big casual guild that does end game content. My boyfriend is an archer main who has 9+ SC weapon. He was big on end game and held HH raids in the past. I am a priest main with full SC (chest +8, shoes and gloves +6, and weapon +7) I am a casual end gamer that last remember doing RKE. Any suggestions for a guild would be appreciated. Thanks <3


  • You guys are more than welcome to join Rising Legends on Velika. Most of us usually do casual guild runs from Ruinious Manor to Gossamer's Vault, Kelsaik's Nest 10M Normal, and the usual Guardian Missions. Reach out to either following if you guys are interested in joining:

    Dr. Gozmon
    Broki (Co-GM)
    Glindalina (Guild Master)

    IGN: Ulthran

  • Thanks for your help and suggestion.

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