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10/15/2019 - v86 - Skywatch: Aerial Island


1. Added a new zone: Exodor Archipelago

  • After completing the level 67 quest “Bringing Down Exodor” in “The Nightmare Begins” quest line, players can travel to Exodor by taking the level 68 story quest “To Exodor” from Ryshan at Amadjuak Trading Post in Spring Valley.
  • Exodor has four areas:
    • Rogash’s Garden
    • Exodor Farmlands
    • Iridian Wetlands
    • Verrak Fortress

2. New Quests

  • Added new story quests.

    • Infiltrate Exodor to stop the Azart’s attack.
    • Players can explore the regions of Exodor through story quests, earn gear and cards (for the Card Collection system; see below).
  • New Quests

    • Players can complete new quests alongside story quests in progress and earn new consumables, cards, and designs.
  • New Daily Quests

    • Certain story quests unlock Free Exodor reputation, after which players can complete daily quests in Exodor.
    • Daily Quests give reputation points allowing players to use new reputation store.

3. New Dungeon

  • New: Akalath Quarantine
    • Players can enter via party matching (5-person) upon reaching level 69, with Item Level 458.
    • Players can also enter via the teleportal in Skycastle Exodor > Verrak Fortress Depths.
    • Players can obtain new gear, including:
      • Dark Light / Annihilation gear
      • Dauntless Azart / Manaforce Azart gear
      • Common/uncommon card (Card Fragment - Akalath Travan, Card Fragment - Akalath Kashir, Card Fragment - Energy Transfer Post)
      • Skill Advancement Scroll III
      • Dark Shard Weapon / Armor Feedstock.

4. Existing Hunting Zones & Dungeons

  • Red Refuge

    • Added special items for this dungeon:
      • Argog Weapon
        • Players can obtain an Argog weapon by opening an Argog's Weapon Crate, or by combining processed ore and Argog's Claw.
        • Players can purchase an Argog’s Weapon Template from Mystery Merchants.
  • Ace Dungeon

    • Changed level requirements and adjusted rewards accordingly.
      • Akasha's Hideout: Item Level 412 -> 439
      • Golden Labyrinth: Item Level 412 -> 446
      • Increased Golden & Silver Talent drops.
      • Added Movement Speed buff in every ace dungeon.
      • The elevator speed in Lilith's Keep (Solo) now goes faster.
  • Azart Hatchery

    • Increased spawn rates of Caiman Wanderer and portals
  • Celestial Arena

    • Reduced total stage numbers (7 -> 5); changed monster HP. Players can move to the next stage after they kill the current stage’s monsters.
    • Increased Golden & Silver Talent/Fragment/Plate drops.
      • Item Level 412 or greater
      • Crowd Pleaser buff is dramatically stronger.
  • Increased enchanting material rewards in the dungeons listed below:

    • Ravenous Gorge
    • Channelworks
    • Velik's Hold
    • Thaumetal Refinery
    • Lilith's Keep
  • Added Skill Advancement XP drops in the dungeons listed below:

    • Ruinous Manor
    • RK-9 Kennel
    • Velik's Sanctuary
    • Grotto of Lost Souls
    • Antaroth's Abyss
    • Velik's Sanctuary (Hard)
    • Ruinous Manor (Hard)
    • RK-9 Kennel (Hard)
    • Forsaken Island (Hard)
    • Antaroth's Abyss (Hard)
    • Grotto of Lost Souls (Hard)
    • Bahaar's Sanctum
  • Added requests to kill hunting zone monsters below:

    • Play once per day, at levels 65–69.
REQUEST NAME Clear Sienna Canyon Clear Essenian Crest Clear Blessing Basin
MONSTER Desert Basilisk Mournwing Oneirolith
Darkflame Dracoloth Murderwing Rheumikumas
Trihorn Dracoloth Contaminated Hellmouth Fangspawn Autumnal Giant
Shadow Overseer
ITEM LEVEL LIMIT 439 439 439
GOLD 150 Gold 150 Gold 150 Gold
XP 36,277,320 34,000,000 32,680,000
VANGUARD INITIATIVE 30 Credits 30 Credits 30 Credits
EP XP 911 911 911
  • Adjusted rewards from Island of Dawn requests.
    • Brilliant Enchanting Box
    • Brilliant Enchanting Crate
    • Brilliant Enchanting Chest

5. Class Adjustments

  • Priest

    • Edict of Judgment
      • Reduced cooldown from 2 min 40 sec to 2 min 10 sec
      • Increases Power from 20 to 50.
  • Mystic

    • Thralls with healing skills now benefit from the mystic’s HP recovery stat. Rebalanced HP recovery skill used by all thralls.
    • Skill Advancement of Boomerang Pulse: Chains
      • First, heals the caster and the closest allies within the range.
      • No longer heals summoned elementals or NPCs, and prioritizes healing all party members.
  • Valkyrie

    • Increased PvP skill damage.
  • Slayer

    • Unsheathe
      • Changed PvP damage based on charging level.
  • Added new stats:

Stats Content
Physical Amplification Increases Physical Damage
Magic Amplification Increases Magic Damage
Physical Resistance Decreases Physical Damage that the player takes
Magic Resistance Decreases Magic Damage that the player takes
Physical Crit Power Increases Physical Damage upon Critical hit
Magic Crit Power Increases Magic Damage upon Critical hit
  • Increased priest and mystic HP Recovery using Magic Amplification and Magic Crit Power. The Attack stat is modified by your Physical and Magic Amplification bonus(es)—including adjustments for level and gear.

6. Equipment

  • Added new gear.

    • Categorized as Physical and Magic Amplification
    • Players can start equipping uncommon and rare gear at level 68, and superior at level 69.
    • Drop in the fields and dungeons of Exodor.
  • Uncommon Gear:

    • Master’s Duranium (Physical Amplification)
    • Flawless Duranium (Magic Amplification)
  • Rare Gear:

    • Dauntless Azart (Physical Amplification)
    • Manaforce Azart (Magic Amplification)
  • Superior Gear:

    • Annihilation (Physical Amplification)
    • Dark Light (Magic Amplification)
  • Miscellaneous

    • These items are eligible for etching and Equipment Infusion.
    • These items are not eligible for Dual Option and crystals.
  • Enchanting

    • Total of 15 stages; requires enchanting materials and gold; each attempt has an increasing chance to successfully increase the item’s enchantment level.
    • There is a chance that equipment may become damaged if the enchanting attempt fails.
      • Players can repair damaged equipment with the items below. These items can also be obtained by dismantling new equipment.
Refined Duranium Fragment (Uncommon Equipment)
Refined Duranium Ore (Rare Equipment)
Pure Refined Duranium Ore (Legendary Equipment)
  • Enchanting Materials

    • Dark Shard Weapon Feedstock, Dark Shard Armor Feedstock
      * Players can use this feedstock in every enchanting stage; and can obtain it from Exodor hunting zone monsters.
    • Improved Dark Shard Weapon Feedstock, Improved Dark Shard Armor Feedstock
      * Players can use this feedstock from the stage 10, and can be obtained from Exodor hunting zone monsters, Akalath Quarantine.

      • Dismantling
  • Players can dismantle weapons and armor to obtain Refined Duranium Fragment, Refined Duranium Ore, and Pure Refined Duranium Ore . These items can be used to repair damaged equipment.
  • Players can obtain Dark Shard Weapon / Armor Feedstock from Honed Dark Shard Cohesion Arcane and Annealed Dark Shard Cohesion Arcane.
  • Dismantling enchanted equipment will “refund” some enchanting materials.
  • Dismantle UI

    • Changed name color according to dismantled item’s grade.
    • Enchanting level now displays in front of icons and item names.
    • Item tooltips now display on mouseover.
    • Registered items’ amount now display on icons.
    • Enchanted equipment window now pop up upon registration.

      • Decreased cost for enchanting from Guardian +0 to Stormcry +7.
      • Equipment level now displays up to one decimal place.
  • Equipment level changed slightly.

7. Card Collection System

  • Added the Card Binder, where collected cards appear.
    • A player can access the Card Binder with any character on their account, either by navigating through the My Character UI, or pressing Shift+B.
    • Players can obtain cards from defeating hunting zone monsters, quests, and fishing. Registering cards in the binder grants a variety of effects.
    • Card Types: Character, Monster, Gatherable, Fish, and Location
    • Grade: Common, Uncommon

8. Fishing

  • Exodor has multiple fishing spots…
    • Added regular and hidden fisheries. Players can find regular fishing spots with the fishery markers in the Map UI, but hidden fishery are not displayed.
Regular Fishery Hidden Fishery
Azart Fish Farm Exodor Farmlands
Garden Bridge Fishery Rogash's Garden
Faerie Pond Fishery Iridian Wetlands
Cloudlake Island Fishery
iridian Fishery
Verrak Fountain Fishery
  • Bait

    • Exodor fisheries can only be fished with Pilidium Bait or premium bait.
      • Players can purchase these new types of bait with credits, by visiting the Exodor Justicar Reputation Merchant.
  • Players can use the fish they catch on Exodor to prepare four new dishes, listed below:

    • Refreshing Steamed Kirash
    • Astonishing Steamed Kirash
    • [Special] Refreshing Steamed Kirash
    • [Special] Astonishing Steamed Kirash
  • Players can learn the designs for the five new fish crates listed below:

    • Exodor Fish Crate I
    • Exodor Fish Crate II
    • Exodor Fish Crate III
    • Exodor Fish Crate IV
    • Exodor Fish Crate V
  • Players can purchase these designs from the Exodor Justicar Reputation Merchant.

9. Hunting Zone Boss

  • New: Hunting Zone Bosses
    • Maknakh
      • Spawns in Exodor.
      • No limit on the number of participants
      • There may in the future be a limit on the number of times a player can participate in a battle with Maknakh.
    • The player who delivers the killing blow receives a Maknakh’s Treasure Chest as a reward:
Maknakh's Treasure Chest
Annihilation Belt
Dark Light Belt
  • Participation Rewards
    • Players who assist in defeating Maknakh receive one of three tiers of reward, based on their damage contribution.
      • Damage contribution is calculated by character (rather than by party).
Participation Reward Item
Maknakh Raid Silver Chest
Maknakh Raid Golden Chest
Maknakh's Jawbone
  • Bonus Rewards
    • One participant, chosen at random, will receive:
Reward Items
Maknakh Raid Golden Chest
  • LB-1
    • Spawns near the Control area in the southeast of Verrak Fortress in Exodor.
      • Players can reach the Control Center by using the Azart Force Platform.
    • Reward
      • The player who delivers the killing blow receives a LB-1 Treasure Chest as a reward:
LB-1's Treasure Chest
Annihilation Mask
Dark Light Mask
  • Participation Rewards
  • Players who assist in defeating LB-1 receive one of three tiers of reward, based on their damage contribution.
    • Damage contribution is calculated by character (rather than by party).
      • Players who don’t make contribute damage over a certain level cannot receive rewards. (Party, Solo)
      • Players who become logged out will receive rewards by mail.
Participation Reward Item
LB-1 Silver Chest
LB-1 Treasure Chest
LB-1 Duranium Fragment
  • Bonus Rewards
  • One participant, chosen at random, will receive:
Reward Item
LB-1 Raid Golden Chest
  • Added new participation and bonus rewards to Hunting Zone Bosses: Ortan, Cerrus, and Hazard.

10. Quests

  • We’ve adjusted the difficulty of Awakening quests to make them easier to complete.
  • Adjusted the requirements to clear the level 65 story quest “The Melancholy of a Designer.”
    • Clear Ace Dungeon two times via the Ace Dungeon Simulator.

11. Miscellaneous

  • Changed Philter of Bravery Cooldown to 5 sec.
  • Changed icons of monetization items to be more visible.
  • Improved Item Purchase Amount Entry UI.
  • Changed price of Fish Crates I–V Designs to 10 Silver.

Known Issues:

  • New armor sets do not appear properly on elin characters.
  • The following cards do not display the "HP Recovery" text:
    • Temple of Dagon
    • The Bower
    • Dryuul Cyasma Infuser
    • Ravenous Gorge
    • Observation Room
    • Chamber of Trials
    • Regent's Vault
    • Free Exodor Base
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