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Raid joining/dropping - 'raid is full' bug

Good morning everyone

It appears there is some bug related to raids. Condition of it happening are unknown, but here is what happened:
1. (Pre-Rally) Raid was formed and been filling over time until it reached exactly 20 people.
2. When the announcment about guild quest being available appeared, more people started to apply but...

3. Attempt of inviting people in, ended up failing and returning "raid is full" system error.
4. Somehow, 6 people managed to join, but appeared in red - like either being dead, loading in or from another server

5. They are not visible on radar, nor their name is raid-yellow or party-blue.

Other notes:
'Disband Party' was grayed out for a raid leader;
People who joined are unable to use /drop;
Also they cannot be invited to other parties - 'Target is already in raid';
Passing leadership onto them lets them (re)invite people (who are luckily able to /drop) ;
Kicking command doesn't trigger vote-kick;
Neither relog nor game restart seems to fix it;
They figure as being dead/logging in/from another server through Instance Matching

To keeping it short: Game considered raid 20/30 being already full, and people who went above this number both are and are not in raid - raid related commands/actions do not work for them and they cannot be invited 'out'.

What caused the issue is unknown, has anyone experienced this as well? This has never happened before but in worst case - stay wary of raids, people.


  • After asking all affected players to relog/log off, I got leadership but as visible on screenshot - Disband Party is unavailable. It is still impossible to kick anyone from the raid

    To clarify: I was in raid before we reached 20, and thus was able to drop and rejoin and later on drop agian. However, 6 players seem to still be stuck in the raid.

  • RakdenRakden ✭✭
    edited October 2019

    Same issue happened today, however this time in raid were 4 people (with 1 of them bugged) and it was possible to disband it. Apparently, if there is only one 'proper' raid member, the Disband Party option gets disabled, regardless of actual amount of players in raid. If you experience this bug, the solution might be trying to invite 1-2 additional people then making everyone go offline - last person in raid should be able to vote-yes on disband while having it actually allowed and thus - release poor trapped players.
    Edit: 10-18-2019, same issue, 9 players stuck, disband disabled.

    It appears the bug happens when someone gets invited into raid, but at the same time the group summon gets used. Could it be that old bug is simply back?

  • Me acaba de pasar lo mismo no encuentro forma de salir del raid

  • Small update as it keeps happening and people keep getting afected (including Civil Unrest)

    If you happen to be stuck, game doesn't recognize you to be in raid AND you can queue for dungeons from Vanguard Requests menu. If you queue for some dungeon and it pops up, game will drag you out of bugged raid and thus - set you free. Might be worth queueing for same dungeon if more people gets stuck - getting instant pop up in case of dungeons like RG that do not require 3D+/1H+/T party setup.

    While disbanding raid method doesn't work fairy often actually, this one so far has been working without real issues.

  • Is this still happening? Are we going into a fourth week of CUV with an event-breaking bug?

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