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Help pls

Im new to this game and downloaded it from psn but im always getting this message and cant create a character. "This server cannot create more character. You cannot connect the server if you dont have characters already made. Please use different server." I only have stormcry server on the list and dont have any server to pick. Can someone help me please. I really want to play this game.


  • Hey there, we've discussed this over the En Masse Discord. The server you're referring to is based in SEA, and En Masse does not provide support for TERA in that region.

    You will need to contact the publisher in that region for additional Customer Support. The link below will lead you to their website.


    Please note that En Masse Entertainment only provides support and publishing for North America and Europe. You can see what servers are that En Masse provides below:


    I hope this helps, and wish you good luck in your adventures! Should you create a US/EU account with PSN, Download TERA, and come across this issue, don't hesitate to contact us again!

    I will be closing this thread now as it has been answered and resolved.
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