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Temporary changes for Aerial Island content

Until further notice, we are applying the following changes (effective today) for Aerial Island content:
1. Adventure Coin cost for Akalath Quarantine reduced to 325.
2. Drop Rate for Akalath Quarantine increased by 25%.
3. Drop Rate across Exodor Archipelago area increased by 25%.
4. Number of channels for Exodor Archipelago area increased to 20 (this will be applied during our next maintenance).


  • These changes have been removed with the new build release (aside from the increased channel count).

    We will continue to monitor feedback, but with the Jump Start event, other initiatives to improve Exodor content (such as Celestial Experience), and Akalath Quarantine now entered into Dungeon Highlight rotation, we feel that Aerial Island is in a better place.

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