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Excess gear experience doesn't carry over

Does excess gear experience not carry over (anymore)? I just upgraded my Pumped Daylight Ring with 52766/9546 exp, and now it has 0/53878 exp.


  • Possible bug. Unless they changed it to that style, i hope for you and many others its a bug though

  • was this fixed by the hotfix maintenance some hours ago? (I doubt it). Or do I have to take another hit to test it out? losing out on 40k exp is A LOT.
  • actually, although it showed "52766/9546 exp" from my inventory, when I went to the upgrade page it showed "52766/80638 exp". So in actuality, I didn't have excess exp gear. Hence, there was no carry over of exp. The info shown was just inaccurate and misleading.

    Someone on Discord kindly mentioned that gear exp carries over enchants but not over upgrades. I don't remember that being the case in the past, but I could be wrong.
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