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28/10 update size

Today's update is showing a whopping 39 GB... is it legit or my ps4 is trying to download all over again? Because the download time is not allowing me to play for the entire day.

Ty for your time.


  • Its a legit 39 gb dungeon lol. Ik theres a few things added in like pvp and the new speed run dungeon thing (this will breed elitism imo) but it really shouldnt be that big. My tera didnt come with dungeons or pvp so rip (jk but i love saying this as I dont do either.)

    I hate im missing my F I S H Y tImE and 2x GOOOOOOOOLD! Is what it is though :)

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    Geez my bloodborne is 37 GB... which kind of dungeon is that lol more than 70% of the size of the entire tera size. Yeah, it will for sure breed elitism.
    A whole day for download the update, luckily my elite expired or i would've wasted one day.
    Ty for the answer!

  • There is quite a bit that went into the update in the backend, some rework, class balances, etc. Remember, it's not always what you see that is in the file. Also, tonight there will be a hotfix(es) to address some of the issues that came with this update! Stay tuned!

    I will go ahead and close this thread, but if there are any more questions or things you wish to discuss, don't hesitate to open up another thread! ^^

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