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A few issues since the Unmasked update.

These are bugs that I've personally come across. Hopefully bringing awareness will solve some of these. If anything is affecting you, please add to the list.


-Stability issues. The game seems to crash more frequently in populated areas. Teleport to town, walk forward, crash.

-Fashion Coupons aren't working again. (Can these be added to Vanguard daily or BAM rewards? It would be nice to obtain these again, especially with the amount of new characters running around.)

-Ghillieglade doesn't allow entry, at least for non-elite members. Buying scrolls to be denied entry is disheartening.

-Sikander's Bane quest is bugged. Kelsaik will roar every few seconds, stunning the player(s) for 10 seconds at a time. Have to reset instance to exit, leaving the quest unfinished. I believe finishing this quest is necessary for the Saleron's Sky Garden quest line.

-Orange text (Notices, enemy shoutouts, etc.) can remain stuck on screen, closing the game seems to be the only way to get rid of it. This has happened early on in Necromancer Tomb.

-One of the Berserker glyphs for the Cyclone skill has no name or description.

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