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11/12/2019 - v87 Patch Notes


Macellarious Catacombs

  • Increased the bonus from Joy of Growth by 190%.

New Dungeons

  • Forsaken Island
  • Forsaken Island (Hard) Convergence


  • Partners can now transfer skills to other partners
  • Gifted Skills now activate when a partner uses a Bond Skill
    • Rapid Growth
    • Rapid Advancement
    • Dual Boost

Class Balance


  • Head On (Passive)

    • The increased Crit Factor effect now only triggers if Defensive Stance II is active.
  • Deadly Gamble II

    • Now resets the cooldown of Rain of Blows, Blade Draw, Scythe, and Aerial Scythe.
    • Removed the skill reset effect for Bellicosity (level 69 advancement)
    • Bellicosity now reads:

      • Increased duration of Deadly Gamble by 20% while Assault Stance is active. Increase damage of Rain of Blows, Blade Draw, Scythe, and Aerial Scythe by 12% against monsters while Deadly Gamble is active.
    • Spirit of Iron (level 69 advancement) now reads:

      • Adds Frontal defense to Rain of Blows, Blade Draw, Scythe, and Aerial Scythe while Defensive Stance is active. However, reduces the damage of those skills by 20% and does not add Frontal Defense in PvP.
  • Poison Blade

    • Increased base damage by 500%.
  • Reaping Slash

    • Increased base damage by 600%.
  • Traverse Cut

    • Increased base damage by 300%.
  • Blade Waltz

    • Cooldown reduced from 7 sec to 6 sec.
  • Rain of Blows

    • Increased Edge generation on the last hit from 1 to 2.
    • Increased Edge generation on the last hit to 4 while Deadly Gamble II is active.

Developer Comment
The warrior's Head On passive skills were designed for tanking, but many people use then for flank attacks since the introduction of the latest gear sets. So we've adjusted them to be active only when using Defensive Stance II.
Also, we added the Skill Reset effect directly to Deadly Gamble II to address the issue where Bellicosity’s options allowed players to chain Aerial Scythe at the beginning of battles. Bellicosity’s options have been adjusted to increase damage of main skills corresponding to the original concept of Deadly Gamble.
Further, warrior tanks were only able to get Frontal Defense when Deadly Gamble was active, and could not efficiently deal with fast attack from strong monsters. To improve it, we’ve changed the options for Spirit of Iron to function when Defensive Stance is active so warrior tanks can defend against monster attacks utilizing a variety of skills.
We also have increased damage for some warrior skills that have useful effects but insufficient power.
Taking into account the cooldown reduction buffs of new gear sets, we’ve reduced the cooldown of Blade Waltz by 1 sec, which acts as a buffer for the damage-dealing cycle of awakened warriors
Compared to other skills, Rain of Blows has shown low utility, so we’ve tried to increase its usefulness by adding stack count instead of increasing its damage.


  • Punishing Blow
    • Decreased PvP skill damage by 30%.

Developer Comment
The slayer’s Punishing Blow skill in PVP was too similar in effect to their ultimate skill, Unsheathe. We’ve reduced the skills’ damage in PvP in consideration of its cooldown and attack range


  • Binding Scythes
    • Significantly increased attack animation speed.

Developer Comment
We’ve increased its attack animation speed greatly in order to reduce the loss caused during the casting time when it has to deal heavy damage at the beginning of battles.


  • Cyclone Intensity I (Passive)

    • Removed Crit Factor and Crit Power bonues when attacking bosses from the front.
  • Eye of the Storm (Passive)

    • Increased reset chance by 25%.
  • Cyclone

    • Decreased skill damage in PvP by 15%.

Developer Comment
Like with the warrior skill Head On, Cyclone deals great damage when attacking monsters from their side. The skill has been used to attack monsters from their side or back unlike its original design, so we removed the Crit Factor and damage increase passive effects, while increasing its reset chance so it has a higher chance to level up to Eye of the Storm III.


  • Line Held (Passive)
    • Decreased the max stack count but increased aggro generation, Power, and Crit Factor.
    • Now stacks up to 5 times and increases aggro by 8%, Power by 8, and Crit Factor by 12.

Developer Comment
We made this change so lancers can reach max stacks quickly at the beginning of battles, and the bonus is effective even if the lancer is dead.


  • Provoke
    • Now receives a cooldown reduction from Growing Fury

Developer Comment
We’ve granted Growing Fury’s cooldown reduction buff to Provoke so that the skill can be used more frequently even in case that players often lose aggro due to lack of their allies’ power.


[Unified Gear] Champions' Skyring

  • Necklaces now have the Grant Max HP Increase. (Raises max HP by 76,336.)

Developer Comment
Compared to larger battlefields, Champions' Skyring has smaller number of players and more damage per player. In many cases, it can result in a players’ instant death.
Therefore, we granted more HP on gear for Champions' Skyring.


  • The left and right halves of Naslow’s Treasure Map are now tradeable.
  • The left and right halves of Intelligence Reports are now tradeable.
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